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The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK posted two videos of interviews that were made in New York when Mew were finishing the album at the legendary Electric Lady Studios. Jonas Bjerre and Bo Madsen talk about the upcoming album in Danish, but unfortunately the clips are not subtitled in any language.

In the first clip they talk about the differences between Scandinavia and America. They feel like New York is like a refuge to them – it’s where people can dress and act however they like without someone calling you a freak. Bo says that everytime he returns to Denmark, he tries to be the one starting conversations with strangers, but they would just look at him like he was insane and probably a maniac carrying a gun.

In the (longer) second video you get to hear some wonderful sound clips from the new album. We are guessing that these could be parts from Cartoons and Macramé Wounds and Beach, but only time will tell. In this video Jonas wishes that they could be the band that releases a record every six months (like some bands do), but he’s also glad that they’re in a category of bands who seem to “think” a bit more. Bo says that sometimes Jonas’ perfectionism annoys him (and vice versa), because it takes them ages to write the songs. Jonas adds that he has some songs written where he only needs one line to complete it, but he’s got troubles finding the perfect line to fit into that song – and that process can take several months. Bo also talks about the difficulties in making an album that could surpass And the Glass Handed Kites‘ critical success. Both Jonas and Bo say that they’re very self-critical.

We will repost the album news as soon as we are allowed to do so. Sorry if your precious comments have “mysteriously” disappeared.

8 thoughts on “New Sounds Of Mew”

  1. HOLYFUCK! Those short snippets of the new tracks got me goosebumps. Really sounds like the album have a new sound compared to the old ones. Awsome!


    I like the guitar in the song at 4:35. It sort of reminds me of Special, and is like the guitar in Violet Hill by Coldplay.

  3. The 4:35 song is my favourite I reckon! It does sound very very Kites-y (which I’m a huge fan of) – indeed really similar to Special or Apocalypso, cosmic synth with sexy rhythm and sly abrasive guitar, and what an awesome melody. Already from that little clip I really hope it’s the lead single.

    As for the other two… the clip of what sounds like the “straightforward rock song” “Beach” is pretty interesting too! As for that slower swung acoustic… honestly not grabbing me yet (maybe the end of “Cartoons…”), but hopefully it’ll all make perfect and beautiful sense in the coming opus that is No More Stories 😀

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