New Merchandise

Have you noticed that Vibrashop has some new merchandise for sale?

Apart from the snowglobe (or “waterball” if you will), the theme of the new stuff comes from the song Bamse. The bags come in many different colours and the t-shirts look pretty nice. All these should be available at summer festivals as well. The bags (and the snowglobe) are approximately 10€ each and the shirts are priced a little under 30€.

14 thoughts on “New Merchandise”

  1. Anytime. Somebody thinks the snowball (water ball, snow globe… whatever…) design is tacky, and yes it might be and not with delicate production (This truly disappointed me when I unwrapped the box). Still I like the angel snowball idea, mew angel is always the sweet thing that fans can’t say no to it.

  2. Cool !! 😀 ! I’ve got to get some of that stuff as well !! 😀 ! Good thing it’s the beginning of the month ;P ! haha ! I really like the Bear shirt, it’s nice that they are using the bear on so many different things eventhough it’s not from the original album or so 😀 !And the snowglobe is a sweet and original idea, VERY Mewish 😀 ! thanx for keeping us updated 😀 !

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