MewX 10th Anniversary

Our website first saw the light of day on June 15th, 2006. Some of you may remember it. Internet is very different now than ten years ago, so what you are looking at right now is already the fifth version of MewX and this one was also designed by Ann from the United States. There’s that famous movie called Sleepless In Seattle, and I think that that’s Ann right there, as she has worked day and night for the past few weeks to make sure that we make the deadline of June 15th. At least she had some cute pets to keep her company in that Seattle basement. If you are experiencing problems browsing the site, please, comment here below and she’ll wake up. Maybe.

One of the new additions on this new site is the Timeline. It’s basically a biography of the band, but we thought it might be more fun this way. Look closer into the history of Mew and, actually, some of the facts may be all new to you. Jonas Bjerre helped us with this one, but our regular collaborators Gustav and Agnes dug up most of the info bits. It’s quite heavy with multimedia, so be patient if it’s a bit slow for you.

In the coming weeks there will be cool new stuff on the website, but we talk about those later, okay?

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