Mewsite Reopened

Mew’s official website Mewsite has reopened. Obviously, the site is still under construction, but you must take a look at the new episode of their video diary (part eight) with stunning glimpses from the upcoming backdrops. Naturally, we are happy to see listed as one of their few official links on the front page.

Stay tuned, we will give out a bunch of free tickets to Ruisrock Festival soon!!!

3 thoughts on “Mewsite Reopened”

  1. Wow, i think mewsite is cool. Even if it’s under construction it just looks great. Minimalistic but still so beautiful. 🙂

    And this video diary.. that’s simply awesome, so compelling. Mew should make more of these diary vids and gather ’em all to one box and then release that box. The visual side of Mew is so big and meaningful that it would be at least fair for the fans to show more this side of Mew also. 🙂

    They could maybe do a limited edition of their new yet un-named (am i right?) album and put those vids into it.

    Are you really giving out tickets for the festival? I could use one of those. 😀 I’ve been dribbling for those about two months now and I think money isn’t walking into my wallet.

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