Mewseum: A Sonic Experience With Mew

The people in Los Angeles may consider them very lucky as Mew are having a six-day long FREE exhibition/installation called ‘Mewseum: A Sonic Experience with Mew’. During those days they will be performing a special intimate show, premiere the music videos for Repeaterbeater and Beach and they will also show some of their previous music videos (if not all of them). Images and stills from the current album will also be displayed. Full details here. There must be quite a few of them Mew-angels around – after all, it is the City of Angels we’re talking about.

Mewseum hours (at Zune) will run through the dates August 29th until September 3rd:

August 29th, Saturday: 12pm – 10pm
August 30th, Sunday: 12pm – 6 pm
August 31st, Monday: 4pm -10pm, *Special Performance Event 7pm – 10pm*
September 1st, Tuesday: 4pm – 10pm
September 2nd, Wednesday: 4pm – 10pm
September 3rd, Thursday: 4pm – 10pm

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