Mew Day Song Poll 2016

With less than a month to go until a very special Mew day indeed (watch this space!), we thought we should open up a super song poll. This time we want your top THREE non-album tracks; that is any track that did not feature on a standard international edition of any of Mew’s six studio albums to date. You can vote by replying to us on Facebook here or by posting a comment in reply to this article below. At the end of Mew day itself (15/6), we will count up the votes. For absolute clarity, we want you to vote for your favourite three of the following:


Animals of Many Kinds

Bones (Song for Albert)

Chinese Gun

City Voices

Count to Ten

Daddy Drone

Do You Love It?

Drinking Soda



Forever and Ever

Half the World Is Watching Me

In Time Do You Forget (Daydream)


Like Chaser

Like Paper Cuts



Nothing Is Red



Safe As Houses

Say You’re Sorry

Shiroi Kuchibiruno Izanai




Swimmer’s Chant

That Time on the Ledge

Watch This Space

Western Silver Lion Cub

Where Have All the Geysers Gone?

Wherefore Are You Not There?


The following Saturday (18/6) we will host a countdown of the top ten choices in a listening party in MewX’s very own chatroom. You’ll be able to find that via the community menu at the top of the page. Come and count to, or from, ten with us then!

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