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Me & Mew

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In Chile bands like Mew are a bit impossible to have the chance to know, but thanks to the internet we can have access to that far away from here music. In my case, the all time love for a-ha band, gives me the chance to get to know Apparatjik and the lovely Jonas’ voice, which makes me want to search for this guy on the web 🙂

After to know more about Mew, and listening to their songs, and also reafirm what I felt for Jonas’ voice, I became a Mew fan, a frenger.

Then I found Frengers Chile with a friend of mine. Our happiest moment was when Mew give us the official level, and also share with them a radio show in Chile, which they were very happy 🙂

We have now 4 years, but this will never end <3

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