Introducing Palace Players – World Premiere

This is the week when we get to hear the first single of Mew. As we’ve told before, Introducing Palace Players will get its world premiere on Finnish radio channel YleX next friday (May 29th). Make sure you access the radio channel’s live internet radio at 09:10am local time (08:10 Central European Time). You should probably enter the channel a few minutes earlier, cause you never know how these things really turn out. The aforementioned link should work everywhere in the world and here are a few examples of the time differences: Helsinki (in Finland) is seven hours ahead of New York, two hours ahead of London, one hour ahead of Copenhagen and one hour behind Moscow. This link could be helpful.

Mew (at least Bo Madsen) are also being interviewed live that morning!!!

6 thoughts on “Introducing Palace Players – World Premiere”

  1. FullTimeFrenger

    This is just so exiting!
    I have been checking this site and Mew’s myspace site once a day in a half year now, just waiting for news like the ones we’ve gotten lately!
    I’m going to hear that song! Even if I have to ditch school for it.. 😀

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