Introducing Palace Players – The Music Video

Directed by Martin de Thurah, the official music video for Introducing Palace Players has just been released on Spinner among some other American websites (worldwide release date is tomorrow). This is the first of the three music videos from No More Stories-album by the (aforementioned) acclaimed director – plus Adam Hashemi and Lasse Martinussen as co-directors. As you may remember, Martin de Thurah also directed the Special-video four years ago. We will be interviewing him shortly.

Now, what are those flying black objects with lasers on them? Did you miss seeing Mew themselves in the music video? Well, this was the only one where Mew are absent (the palace players were not exactly introduced), Repeaterbeater and Beach are being released in the coming weeks. All three music videos have already been shot and pretty soon we will see Mew in an old castle and even some hypnotism will take place.

9 thoughts on “Introducing Palace Players – The Music Video”

  1. 1st: Saw the vid. The landscape in the end is B-E-A-U-tiful. I loved it. 😀
    2nd: I wanna see Mew in that castle already.
    3rd: God, all these news make me doubt about getting the Frenger tattooed! >.<

  2. An old castle and hypnotism.. makes my mouth water.
    The video is beautiful, it does remind me of What Else Is There with Royksopp (de Thurah?)
    Just look what snails can do when they work together!

  3. So beach will be a single…brilliant? But mew doesnt play beach live, and alo they stopped playing She came for christmas live…come on!!! Mexico waited for yeaaarrs

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