In The Windy City

Chicago (state of Illinois) is called the “Windy City”, but apparently it’s no windier than most American cities. The city of three million inhabitants is one of the most polluted areas in US, though – Mew are surely going to bring some fresh air to Chicago when they take the stage at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival on July 19th. Expect more gigs in North America, because it’s hard to believe that they would play only one show in between the previously announced European and Asian gigs.

In other news: Mew posted a poem and it’s easy to assume that these could be the lyrics from a song called Beach. It’s supposed to be a very upbeat song – something that could very well be their first single from the upcoming album.

No more stories
Are told today
I’m sorry
They washed away

No more stories
The world is grey
I’m tired
Let’s wash away

EDIT: The Chicago-gig is not yet confirmed by the link above, but the story is here. According to Mew’s tourblog, this gig is – in fact – the ONLY gig in US this summer, but they are to return later this year.

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  1. This is just a thought, I was listening to Mew’s video diary 7 and it seems like this poem may possibly be the lyrics from the piano melody from Mew’s video diary 7.

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