How To Replace Your Flawed Copy Of ‘Eggs Are Funny’

From Mew:

Attention all frengers!

If you should happen to have bought a flawed copy of the limited edition Eggs Are Funny CD/DVD, this is how you go about returning it: Put it in a protected envelope along with your name and address on a separate piece of paper and send it to:

A:Larm Music
Enghavevej 40, 4
1674 Copenhagen V

Mark the envelope: “MEW”

Don’t worry about the extra CD. You probably already gave it to your best friend, and we’d like to think that he/she is so fond of it, it would ruin their world to give it back. Plus you will get an extra together with your new version of Eggs Are Funny!!! ONLY put the digipack with the primary CD and DVD in there!!! We will deliver to you a new copy without flaws as soon as humanly possible (very soon)! Now, if you’re in doubt, an easy way to determine if your copy is faulty is by checking the DVD menu, if one of the videos is listed as Why Are You Looking Looking Grave? instead of simply Why Are You Looking Grave?, your version is flawed.

If you have any questions regarding the returning of your faulty Eggs Are Funny CD/DVD, please contact the sales department using this address: eggsreturn (at)

Once again, we are very very sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you for your patience, dear frengers.

Jonas, Bo & Silas

5 thoughts on “How To Replace Your Flawed Copy Of ‘Eggs Are Funny’”

  1. Hmmm, i ‘m appreciative that the guys gave a sincere apology.

    I’m still not clear, does that mean the limited edition CD/DVD will not be sold in brick and mortar record stores and only online?

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