Frenger’s Got Talent – Part I

We decided to collect some of the best cover songs made by some talented frengers, uploaded on YouTube. Some videos have Mew still playing in the background.

Am I Wry? No (drum), Am I Wry? No (complete cover), Apocalypso (guitar), Comforting Sounds – Video Version (piano), Introducing Palace Players (guitar), Introducing Palace Players (drum), She Came Home For Christmas (complete cover) Small Ambulance (guitar), Snowflake (acoustic guitar/vocal), Symmetry (piano/vocal), The Zookeeper’s Boy (bass) and last, but not least… New Terrain (DANCE!!!)

Which one do you like best? We’ll be back with more of these later…

There’s an over 30-minute long EPK-video (shot in UK last July) on . If you are not able to open the huge file, try the YouTube-rips instead: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV.

5 thoughts on “Frenger’s Got Talent – Part I”

  1. already saw via mewforum but that IPP drum cover is really good, really tight. such sick rhythms, great job by the uploader. and silas must be the best drummer in the world, such unique patterns.

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