Fifth Festival Show To Denmark

Danish frengers may consider them quite lucky this summer. Mew have just announced their fifth festival show in Denmark (others being the ones in Jelling, Skive, Nibe and Skanderborg) and that will take place in the city of Aarhus on June 19th. Northside Festival’s lineup consists of some of the biggest Danish acts (including Nephew, Veto and – of course – Mew). Ticket costs 245 DKK if you are able to buy it before April 30th.

2 thoughts on “Fifth Festival Show To Denmark”

  1. NICE!! especialy that it’s so cheap, I’ll diffenetly see if I can go, but the train, ferry or plane ticket from Sjælland to Jylland is bloddy expensive.!! :S !!
    Thanx for telling 😀 !

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