Bo Madsen Leaves Mew


Bad news, guys. There had been rumours lately, but now we have a statement from Mew:

“After 20 years playing together in Mew, the band and Bo Madsen have decided to part ways for the time being. At present the rest of us will continue with Mew. We are happy to tell you that guitarist Mads Wegner will be joining us on our upcoming shows, and we look forward to seeing you all out there.

Thank you for your understanding and support.
Jonas, Johan and Silas.”

Serious business, pancakes.


15 thoughts on “Bo Madsen Leaves Mew”

  1. It must have been a pretty tough decision to make, for all of them. I wish all of the best to Bo and to Mew, separately. Right now all I feel is emptiness and fear of how this will affect Mew. I can’t be happier about Johan’s return though… Mew being just Silas and Jonas would have been unthinkable to me. THANKS BO for all the great gigs! You will be missed!

  2. So sad. Still glad I got the change to see them on stage on their ongoing tour and even shortly meeting him. Although he seemed a bit distracted at the moment. Maybe something was going on already then… I wish everything best to Bo on his future things, Mew will not be the same without. <3

  3. My heart is completely broken. This is just… I can’t even put it into words. But, changes are necessary sometimes so… Thank you, Bo! For all these years of amazing music. You’ll be missed and I wish you the best. I just hope Mew keeps creating music for our souls.

  4. “for the time being”

    Well, at least the door is left open I suppose?

    I am terribly heartbroken. Just when I thought I might see the whole band live, another member departs (selfish, I know!). I must be forgiven for wondering why, especially after they got Johan to come back. :\ What else can we do but mourn this change in state and move forward.
    Best of luck to Bo, no matter what!

  5. I dont no what to say.. Well i think we all agree that this is heartbreaking news and it’s just unbelivable to hear about this. I hope all the best for Bo. Thank you for all these great years!
    Tak.. 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t trust this guy too much though – He likes the song ‘Snow Patrol’ and ‘Am I Wry?’ And thought they played ‘The Zookeeper’s Boy’ twice in desperation! I think this guy is Kim Skotte is a bit rusty

  6. Bo Madsen du er ærke Mew, og uerstattelig!!! De andre vil ikke kunne lave et nyt album uden dig!! Kom tilbage snart!! Mew er/ vil aldrig være det samme uden dig og så bliv dog sammen, når I endelig er blevet gendannet!!!!

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