Best Danish Album – Ever?

The Danish national radio channel P3 is looking for the best domestic album release ever. As you can see from the comments here, Mew have gotten some votes already, and many seem to suggest that Frengers is their all-time best. The best ever Danish album will be played live from the first track to the last in a P3 -session sometime later this year. How cool would it be to hear And the Glass Handed Kites this way? As you probably know, it’s been almost six years (on August 2005) since Mew have played a P3 -session.

If you are in Denmark, you may send an SMS to 1212 with ‘P3 (your request)’. For example: ‘P3 Mew – Frengers’. It costs only DKK 1. Supposedly foreigners are able to send their requests by email: smag(at)

EDIT: Somehow is blocking direct linking, so you may not be able to reach the original Danish article from the above link.

13 thoughts on “Best Danish Album – Ever?”

  1. Eleane Garamendi

    Ok i know this is a stupid question but what should i write in the email?
    Just “Mew – Frengers” or should i add something else? Thanks in advance! 😀
    And sorry for my grammar :p

  2. As for me, I would literally die of happiness if I ever heard A Triumph For Man played in it’s entirety. I would love to hear Panda or Coffeebreak live. Second favorite is And The Glass Handed Kites, so that would be what I vote for. I know not that many people are into A Triumph For Man.

  3. Thanks Kristin!
    They dont even need to play the whole album, if I could just hear Panda, Coffee Break and Then I Run live once in my live.

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