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You are hurting my arm!
Sorry. I was just trying to make a point. But that´s the way things always turn out in the end.
They don´t have to. You could behave differently if you really wanted to.
Could I? Then what would we be? What would we be then?
We could be friends. And not feel so alienated from eachother. At least then, we could eat muffins every day.
And get fat and then starve to death? No thanks! I have people to impress, places to go. You don´t realize the sort of predicament, you put me in. You didn´t pay attention to Yu then, and you don´t now.
eets That´s not true! I consider Yu one of my closest friends. I just don´t respect her, but that´s another aspect, entirely.
Yes, but not like the ones you used to punch out on your damn HP calculator! These ones are alive, organic beings of unknown origin. You won´t find creatures like this anywhere else in the world.
I am a creature of habit. I dislike any changes, any unexpected events, any surprises. I am a conservative one. I do not like your fractals, because they seem strange and disturbing to me.
Have it your way.

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