A Roskilde Haiku – Some Entries

We collected some of the Roskilde Festival haikus here…

Rosy cheeks and smiles
voices that shine like July
keep dry from the rain

Poems are stupid
And super overrated
Give me the ticket.

Rocking and Raving,
Pretty Girls in Shorts and Boots.
Chilling and Dancing.

ROSes bloom at last
KILling boredom for a year
DEstiny shall be

Poor student don’t eat
But going to Roskilde
Totally worth it

Björk, Santigold, Mew
The Roots, Dr. John, The Cure
Roskilde is Great!

The comforting sounds
Of Roskilde Festival
Will make me happy!

I can hear them play
Roskilde are amazing
But Mew are the best

I will run naked
At Roskilde in Denmark
and listen to Mew

The Seething Rain Wept for You
Shelter’s Yours to Have

Here are some of the Danish language entries / longer poems:

Sveder i teltet
Roskilde dagen efter
Hvad skete igår?

Før nærværet forenes
Bag fremmede kys

Roskilde er fedt
Og nu Mew skal spille der
Men problemet er
I got no fucking money
Mine venner har
Så de skal på Roskilde
De får det ret sjovt
Desværre helt uden mig
Det er jeg ked af
Så jeg må bare drømme
At jeg til Roskilde kom
Desuden ved jeg
Mew og Apparatjik rocks!

Sunburnt, skin peeling
Twenty cases of Tuborg
I will run naked

Forgot my gumboots
Hopefully not too much rain
My camp is flooded

Food is a rip off
Surviving on raw noodles
Walk to McDonalds?

Where is my vodka
All my friends are unconscious
Queue for phone recharge

E. coli in lake
No shower for seven days
Vomit in my hair

Piss on the fences
I have not slept in a week
Where are my undies?

Wait for four hours
Hear Mew live for the first time
Pushing to the front

Flights are expensive
All the way from down under
But it’s so worth it

Roskilde with friends
Summer two thousand and twelve
I would not trade it.

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