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    Well, having spent a week with this record, I’m currently thinking it’s the best thing they’ve done since NMS. I really didn’t like +- (with the exception of Rows), it sounded like an album that had taken far too long to write and record. Which it was.

    With Visuals, I thought I’d miss the Bo approach to guitar more than I actually do. And I think Twist Quest is one of their strongest tunes since Kites. And I’m a bit weird about Kites. I may like it a bit too much to qualify as entirely normal.

    • A completely agree. I did like +- but it was very strange. This album is way more coherent. I’d love a guitar solo in it somewhere but still, it is brilliant.

    • I feel the same. My favorite album from mew is NMS, and I think visuals is their second best now, cos for me it sounded more like what they’ve learned with no more, even if visuals has some more direct aspect in their music it stills sound fresh. Learn our Crystals is so beatiful, ay ay ay atmosferic. Im really happy with this record haha. Im listening right now =P, kinda saying goodbye to him, its the seventh time I am listening to it, but the new grizzly bear record is coming so Im getting prepared. xD