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    Django Django’s new album! Anyone heard?

    • It’s not out here yet. I’ve heard “First Light” on the radio quite a bit and have enjoyed it. I did really enjoy their last album but I feel they got unfairly overshadowed by the success of Alt-J at that time (and I’m a massive Alt-J fan).

      • Really, still not out?! It’s been out for like a week here. Damn release schedule…

        “First Light” is cool. They have another single out, “Reflections”, I think it’s a bit more interesting and fun. In the video the band are all CGI “other-worldly kinetic sculptures” UMM OKAY YES. Also, saxophone solo. It works.

        I like Alt-J too, though I can’t say I get into them as much as I do Django. Hopefully this time around Alt-J won’t steal their spotlight 😛