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    Do you Frengers ever have things you wish Mew would do? Maybe a kind of wishlist? Mine would be for Silas to return to the older drum sounds he used around the Frengers and Kites eras, notably the snare. Since No More Stories, he has always had a really heavy, dampened, dry sound, and his snare is what my band’s drummer would call ‘tom-tuned’. Not much snap or crack, or ringing overtones. To my ears, it makes their old tunes sound really heavy and clumsy live now, like the attack is compromised. There seems to be too much sitting around that range. Just my taste, though.

    • i want to hear Bo plays more guitar-centric songs like repeaterbeater, IPP, and more songs from Triumph

    • Call me ‘quaint’ if you like – but my biggest wish is for Mew’s history to repeat itself and for me to be younger this time round, so that I would have found them sooner

      …In fact, now that I think of it, I wish I was a teenager going to their school when they were teens too, lol!

    • I’ve always wanted to get a closer look at the live visuals. They’re so amazing. Most youtube videos are so blurry, and even seeing them live there are so many lights and objects on stage distracting.
      And while I’m very fond of both No More Stories and +-, I miss the ”dark” sound Kites had. Its dreamy sound and the nightmarish music videos and visuals are what I most strongly associate Mew with. So, I would love a return to that sound. 🙂

    • I have a lot of wishes as a Frenger. 1) For them to do a more refine remake of the song Nothing is Red 2) For them to perform King Christian, Nothing is Red, and Tsin-Tsai live for the 1st time, and 3) Maybe for them to do a cover of any songs 😉