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    Oh, Japanese version will be released on April 22. Can’t wait.

    Amazon JP – goo.gl/p90uMy
    HMV JP – goo.gl/KaZt0G
    CDJapan – http://goo.gl/18zdtu

    • Track 11: ※日本盤ボーナストラック収録予定. So…?

      • According to Google Translate, this means “Japanese edition bonus track plan.”, which is (I guess) the two songs we know about.

      • According to iTunes Japan, there are 2 bonus tracks on the Japanese release (Drinking Soda (Bonus Track) & Western Silver Lion Cub (Bonus Track)).
        But according to HMV Japan, the Japanese physical CD version only has 1 bonus track listed. It’s possible that only the MP3 album sold on iTunes contains 2 bonus tracks. In Japan, there are times when there’s a special track that’s only available on iTunes Japan, and not on the physical CD.
        However, the info on HMV Japan isn’t for certain yet. When we get closer to the release date, it’s possible that the CD version bonus track will change to 2 tracks instead of just 1.
        In any case, the 3 sites – Amazon Japan, HMV Japan, CDJapan – I listed all ship overseas. They all offer correspondence in English and foreigners can easily shop from there. I hope the fans outside of Japan who want to buy Mew’s Japanese album don’t buy them from eBay or Discogs, where they put a high premium on the CDs.

        • OK, I’ll order the Japanese version (who’s with me?), and because it is released earlier, it might reach Europe in about the same time as the Nordic release.

        • I was thinking about buying the album through Itunes Japan while waiting for the physical copy to arrive! However, I dont even know if it is possible to buy through another Itunes than your “own” Itunes, if you know what i mean!?

          • It’s not possible. At least I repeatedly tried to download Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy (radio edit) from the Norwegian iTunes store but it wouldn’t let me.

          • It’s not really possible unless you have a Japanese iTunes account. Several of my friends have Japanese accounts and are able to buy from the US, but it’s only because they have friends/relatives in Japan who let them use their info to make the purchases or buy Japanese iTunes gift cards. It’s a huge pain.

    • This means that April 22nd is the official “we can talk about it now” date, right?

    • Finally found this post! Question: are The two bonus tracks on The double disc book?