• Oddo posted an update in the group Group logo of Other MusicOther Music 8 years ago · updated 8 years ago

    Radiohead! my second all-time favorite band.
    still almost no updates about their new works..

    • Ilai replied
      8 years ago

      We have this, which is good enough for the meantime. Also, Jonny’s soundtracks are killer.

    • I got pissed off with them after King of Limbs. They are self-important, grumpy old farts. Still if their next album’s as good as In Rainbows I’ll probably become a fanboy again.

      • my sentiments exactly.

      • Oddo replied
        8 years ago

        TKOL is actually great, only a bit too experimental for those who enjoys their previous works.

        • I dunno. I like electronic music and I like Radiohead and I like Kid A, but King of Limbs was really, really flat.

          • Oddo replied
            8 years ago

            if you watch their live sessions (from the basement) you can appreciate them more, especially songs like Bloom and Morning Mr Magpie.

            • The live versions were better admittedly. But that doesn’t change the album itself.

      • Yep. This.

    • How to Disappear Completely and No Surprises are up there for me. I like a lot of their stuff so it’s quite hard to make a definitive list.