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    Most fav song from their b sides??? Mine is That time on the ledge 😀

    • “Animals of Many Kinds. ” The lyrics are incredibly adorable and given it was the precursor to “The Zookeeper’s Boy” I am naturally a sucker for it.

    • Well it’s not quite a B-Sides, but this song is not featured in the official album as well. It’s more like an early demo song from the guys. It would be Nothing is Red followed closely by Like Chaser

    • Really difficult question. It’s either, “In Time Do You Forget,” “That Time On The Ledge” or “Drown.” Probably the latter because of the atmosphere it creates. It manages to be both creepy and dreamy simultaneously and while the lyrics are awfully abstract, they definitely paint a vivid image in my head.

    • i’m gonna go with Safe As Houses.