• Maja Aaby Pedersen posted an update 7 years, 6 months ago · updated 7 years, 6 months ago

    So how many of you guys have been chosen for Mew365? What is it like? What is happening? Can someone take screen shots or something? I really feel down because i did not get a mail. It is not fair to freeze out frengers like this. I wanna know what is going on!!! Please

    • have you checked your email? spam folders and everything?

    • Are you sure you didn’t got any mail? I Was, but then I checked my junk mail and there was an invitation!

    • I check my mail and my spam filter and does it all the time and i check and there is nothing… I deleted my junk mail some days ago without really checking it that much but i dont think it was therr. And everytime i see a subject in outlook with Mewx, my heart pump, but then i realize it is not from Mew…