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    Thought i’d get a bit of a discussion going. Favourite song lyrically by Mew? And Why? At work I’ve been on song lyrics meanings reading other people’s interpretations and found some of the stuff really interesting. So I thought it would be cool to bring that over here.

    I’ve always liked She Spider for it’s clever political message but I’ve also always quite liked China Berry Tree. I know it’s a song about a break up but I’ve always like the metaphor behind the poisonous fruit. Also “Dear friends hold me” always hit me very hard as I find it incredibly relate-able. They’re not my favourite lyrics but I just thought I’d start with a random one.

    • I’ve always enjoyed Killer – the music and lyrics combined remind me heavily of the film Let the Right One in.

      Every night
      Household pain, apartment so lonely
      Set me right
      Snow filled streets that harbour a killer

      Love the escapism of that track.

      I also really enjoy The Seething Rain Weeps for You.

      Speaking of better days
      There are so many things I want to say
      Should I re-live my life
      I’d run into you much sooner

      Time has, it would seem
      Quickened its pace
      Leaving upon your face
      A curly smile meant just for me

      The grim reality of years passing, faster and faster…

    • I’m not a huge fan of “Mica” on the whole, however the lines “‘Cause something about you compels me to feel / That a glued together vase is still a vase” always sticks with me. It really speaks to the idea that things can utterly destroy you as a person, you can feel like nothing is salvageable about yourself, but you have the ability to pick up the pieces and go on, and you will appear whole to the rest of the world.

    • My all time favorite line has always been ” I find you somewhere, and show you how much I care. Know that there is no, escape from my Snow Brigade”. Even though it’s kinda sound a bit ‘stalkerish’ and obsessive, but the simplicity and straight forwardness of the sentence combine with Jonas amazing voice kinda felt like genuine love & caring.