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    Just going to echo my earlier statement that I feel that in my opinion this is the best Mew album both thematically and technically.

    • I would agree… ATGHK was the album at which I discovered the band, and I very quickly fell in love. I was amazed by it, its daring and emotion and thoughtfulness. It holds a very special place in my heart. For some time I held it as my favourite album; certainly it’s still in my top 5.

      • Not that anyone cares, sorry, but I thought I’d decide what my top 5 albums actually are… In no particular order…

        Silverchair – Diorama
        Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid
        Passion Pit – Gossamer
        Robyn – Body Talk
        and of course ATGHK 🙂

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        • Most definitely interested in hearing more about other Frengers 🙂 And I like your list very much. The only one I haven’t heard is the Silverchair one but I’ll check it out.

          My favourites are constantly shifting but without naming every Mew album i’d say right now:

          Mew – ATGHK
          Sigur Ros – Aegetis Byrjun
          Delays – Faded Seaside Glamour
          My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
          Yes – Relayer

          • Haha, yay! Yeah, ‘Diorama’ redefined what Silverchair was about, and others railed against it (an alt-grunge band suddenly going art-rock-baroque-pop?), but it was the boldest thing the writer had ever tried – to get out of his depression – he was going for genius, and I’d say he achieved it. I found the album when I was much younger but it was over a period of a good 5 years that I began to truly see its beauty and it strongly guided my own musical direction. I picked these kinds of albums for my list – those for which I’ve developed an enduring love. {/ramble}

            There’s more on your list that I haven’t heard, actually! I do love Aegetis Byrjun. However Delays and MBV haven’t been on my radar (surprising given all the comparisons between Mew and MBV) but I’ll definitely check them out 🙂 and funnily enough, I tried to listen to Yes ages ago and I couldn’t get into them… See how I go with Relayer in particular!

          • That Delays album is pretty great, I’ve been listening quite a bit, really liking it! Also I was surprised to discover the singer was male, coulda sworn it was a girl! Now, what band does that experience remind me of… hmmm… 😛

            • I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

            • I had an experience with this just yesterday. They played a Delays song on my local indie station (KEXP) and the DJ commented about the time he walked into their show at SXSW and noticed “THAT’S A DUDE UP THERE SINGING”. I was taken aback myself, I couldn’t believe it. And suddenly I was in love with another band.

        • My top 5 would be:
          Portishead’s Third
          Birdy’s s/t
          Mr. Beast

      • I have absolutely no idea what my favourites albums are, but I generally listen to pop and jazz more than anything else at the moment (though I can like anything else that comes its way).

        • I mean I don’t know because there are too many and they’re too different rather than I’m not very interested in music (quite the opposite).

    • I wholeheartedly agree with this, and it is also my favorite album of all time. My love for the band began with Zookeeper and I’ve never looked back since.

    • Now you speak of it… ATGHK must be my favourite album. In The world.