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    A couple of videos from the Red 7 show! Apparently they had some technical difficulties with the drums!

    • I am curious what the setlist was?

    • Seems nearly impossible to film them without the overdriven bass muffling everything else out.

      • I don’t think I want to listen to that live version of Symmetry again 😀

        • Does Bo ever practise?

          • Without knowing how he has been used to playing all his life, I would say that the “heavy” riff in My Complications takes some “getting used too” and practice as he plays the riff with only downstrokes. Although having played the guitar most of my life I find myself struggling to play the riff the way he does it!

            • I’m kidding a bit, although there are a couple of songs where it sounds like he just makes it up every time, including that version of Symmetry above.

          • He screwed up this live symmetry… And snowbrigade in pumpehuset… And comforting sounds at orange stage, Roskilde… It is almost like he HAS to måske mistakes at their live shows! But well… Otherwise Mew would just be to damn perfect to handle.

    • 1:03 in 156.
      Jonas + Johan

    • Weird version of My Complications, someone or something is completely out of tune!
      Jonas sounds a little struggling in the bridge, must be wear and tear from shows and sessions at SXSW.