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    Does anyone have any interestingly quirky Mew dreams? They could be from ages ago up until now. I’m curious! I think it would be fun to have a group for Mew dreams!

    • It surprises me that given the amount of time I spend thinking about Mew, I very rarely ever dream about them. Usually it’s an anxiety dream about missing a concert.

    • Back at the release of Making Friends (13) my hopes for a new album coming out soon was rising. I had a dream in which I got to see the new album’s cover art. It was the very same as Frengers, but all the pinks were blue, and the background was filed with blue butterflies. It was actually pretty.
      I’ve also had many dreams in which I get to hear new music, and it sounds amazing. But I can’t remember the melodies once I wake up.

    • In often have dreams about Mew. I love the Mew-dreams, because I often get to talk to the band. I usually remember the dreams, sometimes I write them down. But! I’ll tell you the most recent i had, about a new single!:

      I was at Roskilde festival (or at least that’s what I thought in the dream, actually it was nothing like that), and I was looking for my boyfriend (who is a frenger too) so we could go wait in front of the stage where Mew had to play. I could not find him, so i went there alone. The stage was ok big, but it was weird because there was a gym-wall (with ribs going high up, like the World Championships in Quidditch balconies) on the left side, and and entrance to some kind of hall, on the right. There was no roof or tent, but floor. A dirty wooden floor. I was surprised to see that there were almost no people waiting yet. So I got a really nice spot up front in the middle. There were hours until Mew’s show, but they were setting up instruments and props. There were several long silvery fabric/plastic things hanging around to make a small foreclosure on the stage, and suddenly Jonas Bjerre walked to the edge of the stage and spoke:
      (he looked down at an envelope, with jungle-print, in his hands)
      “So, the festival arranged that we have to take a group picture with you guys! And it’s supposed to be “rock” “(he looked at us a bit confused and kindly apologetic) “I say we all jump!”

      A girl came forward and suggested that we all made the devil/rock sign with our hands. We all agreed. There was a nice and calm atmosphere. Jonas jumped down from the stage, stretched his arm and held up an old fashioned disposable camera (with jungle-print). We all ran to stay behind him, and were ready to jump on his count to 3. Some climbed up the ribs, some climbed the stage to jump down from it. I thought it was a great idea, but I was too slow and I would not be in the picture if i was near the stage… I tried to jump backwards real quick on the 3, but i fell, and was not in the picture. Jonas Bjerre looked at me and said. That’s ok you look sweet on the photo from last year, and he showed me and old photo album, where i was lying on the ground in mud, looking fat and happy (wearing the clothes i wore when i met him IRL). We laughed. I felt ashamed but important. I heard some music, not live, and reckonned it was the new Mew single: “Magic Wand” playing from the speakers. No one had heard the whole song yet, so everyone shut up and listened. The small crowd, Jonas and I lay down on the floor and the light turned off. It was a listening event. I was lying next to Jonas and I was very happy. I saw he had a (probably fan-made) papmache wand with a big pink glittery star in his hand. I reached out to grab the wand, and the song felt so real, like i was in the song. It sounded a bit like Making friends and Silas the magic car mixed with some Skyscraber piano.
      Then i woke up.

      • Woah, very nicely swanky and thought-provoking, sounds amazing 🙂
        Its great to know others write their Mew dreams down a lot too. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m sure I’ve had a lot over the years, most recent one involved being at a bird sanctuary with Silas and watching a family of foxes playing outside whilst we were in a bird hide.
      I remember one a while back and I was wandering through some vast building with lots of staircases. I met Jonas there and we were both looking for the same stair case but we just couldn’t find the right one. We both got very frustrated and upset about it. I’ve no idea why that particular stair case was so amazing we had to find it. A lot of my dreams involve stairs.