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    Short interview with Jonas on XFM, whose evening show made Satellites their “record of the week”…


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      This is mine (well not in a really good quality) – https://www.dropbox.com/s/7doh16rv512fm7e/J%20on%20XFM%2028%20Jan%202014.m4a?dl=0

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    • Transcript:

      Danielle Perry: I caught up with Jonas earlier on today actually to discuss their new album and the track “Satellites” and ask him how he and the rest of the band were.

      Jonas Bjerre: Yeah, very happy. It’s been a great feeling to finally get, you know, some music out there and you know, it’s been a long time coming, so we’re happy to release a song, and get some response, you know?

      Danielle: I heard it as well, it’s just such a wonderful first release, “Satellites.” Can you tell us a little bit about this particular record, that is my record of the week this week?

      Jonas: I guess this is one of the first songs we started working on and it’s–I don’t know what to tell you about it. It’s slightly psychadelic but–sort of–but it’s also very direct. I don’t know, it’s kind of a weird song. (laughs)

      Danielle: As always you’re fusing together, you know, wonderful guitars, wonderful electronica, and also there’s like even beautiful harp at the end of it, so it’s a real mixture of everything isn’t it? So does this really kind of sum up the sound of Mew for the next album?

      Jonas: Yeah I think it’s a pretty good calling card for the album overall. I mean, I think this album is one of the more versatile albums we’ve done. It has a lot of different parts of us that– I recorded some of the vocals just at home in my apartment, just, you know, getting up in the morning or staying up late, and you can sort of catch a special feeling that way, I think, which I think helped this record a lot.

      Danielle: You’re bringing the live show to the UK in May. Again, you know, when I’ve seen you, you’ve had the most wonderful visual accompaniment as well and it’s just this incredible feeling to see your band live. Is that going to be repeated again?

      Jonas: We’ve been touring a little bit during the making of this record and we decided to sort of leave the projections behind for awhile. And then we’ve been working on this new thing that we’re going to bring on tour, and I can’t really say too much about it now because it’s still being put together and we’re trying out different things with it. But yeah, we definitely hope to do something really great with that in time for that tour.

      Danielle: Okay, good tease. We’ll wait and see what happens with that one. Well, I wish you all the best and safe travels. I think, you know, what we’ve heard so far is just glorious

      Jonas: Thank you!

      Danielle: And really, really interesting.

      Jonas: And thanks so much for making us record of the week!