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    What are yours expectations about the album?. which album do you think that will sound close to visuals. Im really hoping for some no more stories vibes sometimes hahaha, it would be magical

    • I expect Visuals to be more heavily synth-based overall. More beats and unusual sounds for Mew – I think Jonas will be very heavily leading the album, and his taste will push the band in a sort of M83-esque synth pop meets Prefab Sprout vibe. I also feel that Mew will be less compelled to approach songs with a live sound in mind, and a lot of tracks might be impossible to perform live – loads of layers, overdubs, weird sounds, vocal lines etc. And I feel that drums and beats maybe be 50 percent Silas, and 50 percent samples and loops. I may be wrong, of course.

      • And without Bo, Johan will possibly feel inclined to track some heavy guitars where appropriate. I know Mads will feature also, with arpgeggios and chords, filling out the soundscape in parts. Jonas might not feel the need to track any guitars – we’ll see.

      • I feel the same. But I would like something more interesting of it, twist quest was the closer, but I hope twist is really like some single, not one of the bests and uniques of the record. Im really hoping for some tricks of the trade kinda thing. It would be awsome

    • I’m expecting their most cohesive sounding album since ATGHK. Could be wrong though.

      Expecting a lot less guitars too.

    • …so who else has heard the album?…

      • I have, a Japanese friend sent me the tracks. (I hope it’s okay that I admit that?)
        I’m liking it way more than +-, but I still feel like the songs are a bit straight forward and “careful”. Not quite as twisty and turny as on the older albums, and not as many layers of sounds. But it’s still a really good album.
        I expected Candy Pieces All Smeared Out to be super cute all the way through, but jumps back and forth between being very rough and dark to being cute and melodic. I really like it.
        My favorite track is probably Ay Ay Ay. I thought I wouldn’t like it because of it’s brief appearance in the Sicily vlog (it was a little too world-ish for me), but that part isn’t very prominent in the actual song. I would say it’s the most Kites-esqué song on the album.
        Zanzibar is lovely. I wish it was longer. Reminds me a little of some of the old B-sides.