• Anna posted an update in the group Group logo of Live EventsLive Events 7 years, 6 months ago

    Mewx! I am just in love with your designs for the Mew badges and I would just loove to buy some. It both visually and frengerly spoke to me. Just beautiful!
    Is there any way I can get ahold of any?

    • We have to find out where they are. Maybe Mew will tell us someday.

    • Oh, well. Badges were given for free at venues during the tour. Patches are another thing.

    • Hello, Anna. Sorry for the late notice, but I’m the one who made all the patches, badges, and stickers. There were 200 patches, and Mew threw 20 of them out to the audience each show. The badges and stickers were also made in sets of 200, and the MewX team handed them out to people at the show. We didn’t have a chance to put up an announcement about them because we had some problems with customs and copyright, which were time consuming to sort out.

      I have a few extra patches and stickers left (10 or 15), but no badges. I don’t know when, but I think you might be able to get these from a MewX giveaway event someday in the future. I’ll probably be handling the shipping from South Korea. Probably next tour, I might be able to do something else with a different design. Or, we might make a web store for the fans who aren’t able to come to the tour and sell the items through there. Nothing’s been decided yet, though.

      • I was lucky to grab a badge, but the patches were so cool too! Hope to get one some day! Maybe at Roskilde Festival if anyones coming? πŸ™‚

      • Helsinki was the only show where I saw them throw them out into the audience. So they must have a stash of about 180 somewhere. I don’t know the story why they decided not to throw more out at other shows, but maybe the merch company wasn’t happy or something. Honestly I don’t know.

        • Oh, damn. I thought since you said they threw them out at the Helsinki gig, they did the same at all the other cities, too. In any case, the patches are out of my hands now and they’re no longer mine. I’m fine with however Mew chose to deal with them.