• Peter Michael Hietamäki posted an update in the group Group logo of +-+- 7 years, 8 months ago

    I’m just curious – in the Reddit Ask me anything-thingy they talked about the Quiet Sessions. The question was on the matter of a b-side album…

    crayfl: Are you guys planning on ever releasing a b-sides/rarity collection? Also related, are you planning on releasing any plus minus b-sides soon?

    Mew: That’s a cool idea. Maybe one day. We have a couple of b-sides from + – available on the Japanese version of the album, and there are “quiet session” versions of 7 of the songs available online somewhere 🙂

    SOOOOO…. What annoys me to death is that it was mentioned that it was 7 songs. Question is – was it just a messup from the band – OR are we missing a song?

    And if so – which one would it be – and will we get it on some obscure re-release later?

    My guess is that there is a Quiet Session version of “The Night Believer” out there – that might surface later…?

    What do you people think?