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    Waiting for Mew…

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    Waiting for Mew... image
    Waiting for Mew… image
    • That’s a familiar place 🙂

      Make reportings from glorious theatre of Bremen.

    • Introduction and now playing the first 3 songs. Q&A later if anyone has any pressing questions.

    • Is this staged to be like the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks?! Or is my mind just forever trapped there like the real Agent Cooper?

    • So many jokes from bo. He is on fire!

    • Did Silas talk much?

      • No, he talked twice. Very short.

        • What did he say?

          • The host asked something about Johan and Silas having a special language and something going on, which made people laugh (bad joke). Silas said something about that they did have something going on, which made people laugh again. Eventually he sort gave up.
            The other time was doing Q&A where someone asked if they were an animal which animal would they be. Bo said humans are animals, so human. Jonas said giraffe. Johan said, they say dogs resemble their owners. I have a french bulldog. And Silas said, I dont know. I will let you decide…

            • I love Silas. He doesn’t ever really seem to know how/want to answer interview questions. I identify with his awkwardness on some level.

            • I just remembered he talked one more time, answering “I dont know. So many to choose from” to the question of which Mew song was his favourite. But when pressured said Palace Players. (Johan had earlier said his was Comforting Sounds. Bo and Jonas when pressured answered respectively Silas the Magic Car and Am I Wry? No)

            • we need somebody to photoshop Jonas as a giraffe

    • So bo talked at lot. They might have told these things in interview, but I haven’t heard it before and it is just some of the things I remember. Off course they said much more.
      He said that the children playing on Making Friends were recorded at their old school, and was put in the end of Making Friends because the song has an end-of-school/summer feeling to it.
      He told about about that they put all sorts of sounds into the album. They had considered finding “a skinny bitch, a medium bitch and a big ass” for Silas to play on their asses, but Silas never got around to make the arrangements. To which Silas smiled, shook his head and looked at the ground.
      He said that this time they have decided to not make songs tortuous (translation of snørklet according to google) on purpose which they have had a tendency to do the past. And just let the songs live on their own.
      When introducing Clinging to a bad dream, he said that him and Silas had been “wanking” (exact word) over the intro but had heard it so many times now so he didn’t know if it was good. (He used the word “lir”, dont know how to translate that. It is slang.)
      Then he told an anecdote about recording the guitar parts for the album. That when he first met with Michael they had laughed about that it last time took them 8 days to record the guitar parts. After the first day he was really confident. But nothing was good enough. So the moved the amps around the studio and every friday for a month drove them around in taxas, to find a good place to record. And after a month they still had nothing they could use. However they ended up recording it in their own studio.

    • Bo also joked that if they were ever going to play tsin tsi again they would have to kick Jonas in the nuts before!
      I really liked the subtle joke that Jonas told inbetween two of the acoustic songs! Something about how health shops always had a lot of dried fruit, almost like it was healthier than fresh food!

    • Bo was hilarious. Hilarious.