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    Mew performing “The Night Believer” on Norwegian TV2 with Kimbra on (backdrop?) video.

    • This song has really grown on me. Can’t wait to hear the full album version this week though

    • Miming… A shame.

    • This video is difficult to watch. I am also considerably certain that this is playback – Bo looks bored as hell. The whole Kimbra-video thing is incredibly awkward in itself, and she herself looks as if she doesn’t want to do it at all. Also, what about Silas???

    • i don’t know what to think about this song. i’m still trying to convince my mind that this is an actual song from Mew, but i just can’t. it’s really, really poppy.

      • I try, in songs like these, finding comfort part-by-part. I used to dislike Mica, and then slowly realized that I like things about it: when the drums kick in at the end, the lyrics, etc. Same goes for TNB: that outro! So good. Intense Mew emotion – actually more reminiscent of Silas the Magic Car than of Mica, or any other pop song. Next, the lyrics. All the lyrics to this album are intensely emotional, this song is no different.
        I’m sure that with this method you’ll be able to spot things you like, and then some more, and then end up liking it as a whole.

        • when i first heard Mica, i didn’t feel the pop vibe at all. sure it’s catchy but somehow it still sounds like a Mew song.

    • This. Was. Bad…. Really bad….

    • It did sound miming but it seemed they made a “live” version for it since the ending is different from the album version.