Jonas Bjerre – “Until Tomorrow Finds You” Lyrics

She was looking for her lost shoe
But she didn’t have a clue where it went to
This time she will find out why things are not right
He would be home late and then scoff
Just an old hat and a chair with its legs off
Tell me now, what was he to do?
Man, he missed you
“I’ll never, I’ll never leave you, leave you, leave you”
She took photographs, mostly black & white
‘Cause that’s what she liked best
Dream of empty boats until tomorrow finds you
There’s no record of a promise made that blinds you
We feel, we feel, we feel through the shell
Through the shell!
What’s her nick-name, hmmm?
If I can discover her sight, I’ll never leave her blind
And what’s wrong with the show?
And she is ever tired, what’s her new sniff?
If we’re gonna fight for real
Then I won’t see her appeal
That rolls south from her shoulders
And she’ll never be enlightened
Seems that our town has a failing star
Seems that our town doesn’t care who we are

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