Mew – “Making Friends” Lyrics

No way
Say I’ll fit in because I live here now
It’s alright
On this street no one looks at the sky
Summer treats
No thank you
Inside, I looked at you
You were there making friends
I think so

Don’t you dare
Take a bite of your hair
That’s the thing I recognized
Your flower sun is up, look at that
Wear a hat
I’ll miss you

Beautiful, now
What if our song was forever?
Couldn’t we get some?
How will it go? Where will we live?
Beautiful, now
Sing in our sleep
There’s no cover
What if we get numb
Searching for things to discover?

Answer to the clay skulls
Oh and they sleep late in the warm sun
Oh and they don’t wanna escape
We have happy days
Chase the walls
Oh and they knock off the bells
From carousels
Make you feel so angry

New commands
None that said “Improvise”

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