Mew – “Killer” Lyrics

Every night
Household pain, apartment so lonely
Set me right
Snow filled streets that harbour a killer
Boarding pass
Far from here you walk through his meadow
Singing peaceful
From your voice I fashion a snow sled
Going so fast
No one sees it, leads to disaster

Don’t let me go
Don’t let me go

Someone in need
There’s a killer on the street
You know who
And you reach for the light switch: power dead!
Meaning to do
Can you separate the two?
Well, you knew it would come
And it looks like tampering
Fall as you may
You will never see the daylight again
Is it just like the Tiger nightmare?

Grey bed, walk in the sunshine’s stead
Walk slow, don’t let them catch you whole
Why should I stay?
Wash your lies away

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