Mew – “A Dark Design” Lyrics

Opens up her blouse to the cool night
With no shaking of time
Because she has in mind
A dark design
Now I’m a so-called cube
Speaking out, she said to me

She said:
Hi. I’m twice coloured
Wait till you see how they’re in love
With my sickness
There is no more time for the weaklings
With an unfamiliar smile
A self-destructive mind of dark design
We may just live through life
Watching it from sweet repose
Cut up with knives that slice open
I’m professional now

Everly, everly I
Can you not look at me through sides?
Everly, everly I
Did you not summon up their kite?

Opens up her face
To the delight of their red piercing beaks
It didn’t hurt this time
My dark design
They leave her left behind
Slits into her all convinced
That she’s their favourite way
But getting worse

So high
I’m twice coloured
Wait till you see
I made a truce with the blackness dyer
I know colours wait for you
I feel so car-sick and alone

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