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    Interview with Jonas & Johan at Roskilde


    • Can anyone provide a translation of the video?

    • Translation courtesy of @iamarhino

      You released a press statement this week about Bo no longer being the guitarist in Mew. What happened?

      Johan: Unfortunately we have to refer back to our press statement. We don’t have any further comment about that.

      Jonas: At the moment we’ve decided to go our separate ways, “for the time being”, and we can’t really say any more about it right now. Unfortunately. Not to be annoying, but we just can’t.

      I am a music journalist so it is relevant to me. I ask, because that’s what we’re talking about in many ways. There are many questions about the new album, but, if we like you, it’s because you’re those four people who we’ve known for many, many years. We’ve known your music and now there’s unrest in that quadrilateral again, and it is really interesting…

      Jonas: I can understand that it is but it’s simply too early for us to talk about it unfortunately. We’ve tried to be a trio before when Johan left and played for many years without him and we’ve played some shows now as a three piece and it’s gone fine and, yeah, we can’t really say any more about it. I’m sorry but it’s too early to talk about.

      Johan: It’s also a private matter.

      Tonight you’re going to play the “crowning achievement”, the concert on the Orange Stage which fans have been looking forward to and there’s a new album. How will it be standing up there with just three members?

      Johan: That’s a bit of a grey area.

      Jonas: I look forward to playing some new songs and being on a big stage and I look forward to playing Roskilde which is kind of a homeground for us in a big way.

      Johan: Personally for me, it’ll be a great experience. I wasn’t there in 2012 when the others played there. So a childhood dream will be fulfilled for me.

      What about that intro to Comforting Sounds, where Bo usually stands under a spotlight, and which is classic Mew?

      Jonas: We can simply not talk about it.

      Johan: There’s someone else playing guitar.

      Have you thought about saying something about it tonight onstage?

      Johan: No.

    • It seems very odd that they haven’t prepared a more satisfying answer to this. The “no comment”-attitude really makes it seem like this is some sort of bad breakup. But it is so hard to imagine that friends through what 30 years, with a world wide band of 20 years should have such a split. Also, makes one wonder for how long this split has been in the works?