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    I thought I’d introduce one of my colleagues to Mew yesterday, so I played her Water Slides. Got a fairly ‘meh’ response. Then played her Circuitry and Chinaberry, and she said ‘Oh my God, they sounded like that?! Now that’s properly good.’ Goes to show how much they’ve changed (inevitably). I do wish they still sounded Kites-era though…although perhaps I wouldn’t if they did?

    Still my favourite album of all time.

    • Jonas said himself that they didn’t want to recreate the old albums

      • Yeah, I know, and that’s probably a good thing really.; it’s not a good idea to stagnate. Doesn’t stop me missing the old sound though. Though part of that might be nostalgia for my mid-twenties.

        I was excited about No More Stories coming out, but that didn’t equal or top Kites (as much as I do like it) and I have a horrible feeling that +- won’t equal or top No More Stories. Just have a sense of diminishing returns…

        • Yeah, there is definitely a dilemma regarding this issue. On the one hand, Mew (or any other artist) may want to move away from certain elements or stylistic choices, to save themselves from ‘repeating’ old ground, but then, in doing so, is there possibly a risk of forsaking the very things that the band are best at – or even ‘make’ them who they are? For example Mew are a band with a somewhat limited discography considering their length of existence, and many other bands of the same length have many more albums to their names by this stage in their career. Many highly regarded artists release albums which are sonically or stylistically similar within a fairly short space of time, and is it fair to say that they are just retreading old ground? If they are inspired, and making good songs, which are uniquely their own, then I as a fan am overjoyed to be given new songs or albums at a faster rate. I guess it all comes down to the artist. Mew are notorious in recent years for the length of time it takes them to get new albums out – but it hasn’t always been this way. ATFM was 1997, HTWIWM was 2000, Frengers 2003, and Kites 2005. Anyhow, this is something I think of a lot, especially in regards to Mew.

          • Yeah I always thought that was really curious – the shortest space before an album was the space before ATGHK! They should try that again 😛

        • Although I enjoyed No More Stories I definitely think +/- will top it. Especially with Beinhorn on board.

          • I got very excited when I found out that they’d gone back to using Michael Beinhorn, as he did such a great job of Kites.

            But everything I’ve heard from +- so far has just seemed so normal compared to what I’ve come to expect from Mew. Hopefully there’ll be some odd stuff on there.

            • I think ‘Satelites’ and ‘The Night Believer’ are great tracks, but ‘Water Slides’ is surprisingly mediocre for a band like Mew.

            • Satellites and My Complications have me really excited for the album as a whole but it’s the tracks I haven’t heard that I think will seal the deal, more specifically, Rows.

    • “Kites” is my favorite album of all-time so I can definitely relate. The first time I put on “NMS” and started hearing “New Terrain” I hated it. I didn’t understand it. It was nothing like “Kites” whatsoever, and wasn’t the instantaneous head-over-heels-in-love feeling I got when I first heard “Kites” and what I was ultimately hoping for. But over time I grew to love it and that track in particular became one of my favorites of anything they’ve done.

      It’s a good thing not to stagnate, but of course you risk alienating people who are attracted to a certain style. This sort of thing can be successful though, I mean just look at Beck. His albums are rarely in the same style and he still manages to be fantastic at what he does. Sometimes he puts out something that doesn’t do so well, but it’s okay because the next album will be something different again.

      That being said, I’m feeling pretty positive about +-.

    • after hearing some of the new tracks I’m finally certain that it won’t be their best album, and it’s totally understandable. I mean it’s 2015, most 90s musicians are struggling to make a ‘comeback’.

      Kites, as most people say, is arguably their masterpiece. there’s something in this album that made me change my perspective about music.

      • I think age also does a lot to a musician. Many young artist seem to push on with ambitions of originality and makes music with great respect for their inspirations/idols.

        Mew seems no different. When Kites came out the guys were mid to late twenties. Every song/album prior to Kites all seem to have more rock’n’roll punch and lyrics were about failed love and relationships.

        No more stories, showed clear signs of them growing up, dealing with parenthood. Loosing Johan, because he wanted to (or had to) take the responsiblity of parenthood. Furthermore their individual taste in music seems to have evolved in very different directions.

        I have no clear basis for this. Just bits and pieces I picked up and noticed… I think +/- will just reflect their current state of mind. Laid back and less idealistic. Previously they might have wanted to be all fancy and unique in style. This time around they just want to deliver good solid songs.
        I’ve gotten some serious Frengers wibes from the songs…. +/- might be the legendary “Frengers 2” no one ever thought Mew would be able to make.
        But I’ll stop my rant now 😛