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    Frenger Comic #104: The November 2014 Nordic Tour Mystery
    by Hyunji Choi (aka shin2chi)
    Special thanks to Ji Lee (aka Cranberry)



    • Haha, nice. Love it.

    • well it’s not exactly a continuation of the 103rd…
      But besides that, It’s done nicely, and it builds up to a great story, i just still think that there is some unfinished business (but maybe the 105rd could change that 😉 ).

      • Hm, since this is a Frenger “Comic”… and not a “Manga.” I tried my best to wrap up my story within my section in 104. I think it may be a little bit too much pressure to keep the story continuing from one episode to the next. We know the general framework as a whole, so I think it would be ok to veer off from the main story once in a while. Like myself a long time ago, some fans who aren’t good at English may not totally understand every little detail of the Frenger Comic plot from beginning to end. It would be easier if it were just one-shots with a story contained in one episode. There are probably some fans who want to participate in the Comic but are simply watching from afar because of these reasons.

        I think there are also some frengers who are hesitating to join because they feel like they “aren’t good at drawing”, but…
        I think if you have the willingness to communicate something online, it’s possible for anyone as long as you have a computer and a mouse. Like Allie Brosh( http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com ). I’m not suggesting at all that her drawings are not good. Allie very successfully portrays her feelings through very simplistic drawings. She is a genius!

        I think maybe we need to lower the entrance barrier to the Frenger Comic. I would like to see some more new faces participating in the Comic.

        • Yes, yes, yes! You don’t have to be skilled or know the story of the comic to join. I just think the more the merrier!