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    • We can discuss it here, permission given. But for social medias, MewX and other fansites will post on Tuesday morning.

      Video of Bo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L60gbM76BMU (after which you of course subscribe to MewX YouTube channel; I didn’t have to tell you this).

      I have a Birthday on June 8th and that is when the video of The Night Believer will be released.

    • Been playing along to Rows on guitar for the last couple of days! Got the most of it down I think!

    • I’ve been looking around the page for revealing glitches and I finally found one! If Tero hadn’t said revealed this to us, you’d all bow down to me. I am the king. Bow down!!!
      Anyway, if you send it on Facebook, the title will show “Mew + Fans = one duet”.
      Can I get the title of internet king now?

    • Oh god… I wanted to try how I sound and recorded myself singing The Night Believer. Just listened to it and there is NO way I could ever let Jonas (being the lead singer in that song) or Anyone to hear that! x—D I hope there would be some other way to participate in the video than needing to send such a horrible thing to anyone to listen… My poor neighbours.

      What do you guys think? Are you gonna sing?

      (Edit. Of course I don’t even think my poor singing would be good enough to anything else but ruin the video, but just thought IF one have to sing anyway – even to end up lip-syncing there or smthg.)

      • Don’t put yourself down! I’m sure it was a lot better than you’re giving yourself credit for. It’s always hard listening to your own voice.

        They did mention selfies in the video so that could be quite a large component of it.