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    3 and a half hours ago, I turned 17. I’m horribly afraid of growing “old”er, and it was scary to get to that moment. When wondering what my opener for the year should be, I chose Satellites, and it was fun to open the new year with new Mew.
    But then, I remembered that the stream was on, and I waited for a couple of hours for it to start. It was an amazing experience and I loved seeing them live, even though it was from afar.
    And then, those two notes sounded, and I realized everything. I realized what my opener should be, and I realized what I needed in my life in that instant, and that was it – Comforting Sounds. I was astounded. I was shocked. I have no idea what I can say to help convey my feeling, but it was other-worldly. It was everything. It was everything and it was more.

    I’m typing this because not only am I excited by the fact that this just happened, but also because I’m excited that a band can make me feel this, and I am, as a result, SO MUCH MORE EXCITED for +-.

    • You were 11 when No More Stories came out? Gosh!

      • My son turns 17 in October, it’s startling to look at photos of him when he saw Mew live in October 2006…growing older happens so fast that it’s never again that huge scary cliff like when you are between childhood and adulthood. Happy Birthday..I know exactly what you mean about the eeriness of the right song at the right moment like a message , I had that exact feeling the first time I heard In Time Do You Forget.

    • Oddo replied
      8 years ago

      happy sweet seventeen.

    • Kanin replied
      8 years ago

      I have been thinking a lot about this. I was a teenager who was exploring this “new world” of music back when Frengers was released. Back when Mew was no more than an upcoming name with a big label behind them.

      So I must have been around 13…. 13 years ago 😛

      This is also why I think Mews biggest downfall, is the time they take to release new albums. The fact you were around 8 years old when Glasshanded Kites came out.
      Childhood surely feels like a looong time. but being 20+ years old and now I stil clearly remember the days up to release of No More stories.

      Happy B-day anyways 🙂

    • You have amazing musical taste for someone your age. Happy birthday!

      • Ilai replied
        8 years ago

        Thank you very much! (Also, I just had a glitch where I clicked “post” and then clicked “reply” on Gustav’s comment right after, and my reply moved to his comment.)

        • You confused the poor system! It tries its hardest but it has weaknesses too, just like us.

    • How did you first hear the band, Ilai?

      • Ilai replied
        8 years ago

        It’s a crazy story. Sometime after NMS came out, my dad and I flew abroad, and I wanted music to listen to on the plane, so I, by random choice, played NMS, which was on my father’s phone (he read a review about it and wanted to check it out, but never did). I thought it was NOISE. The riffs sounded like nothing I’d ever heard, and I despised it. I still remember some of the original impressions, and it was as if they were different songs. I was really curious, but also grossed out.
        Around a year afterwards, November 2010, I was sitting with my dad’s laptop on the couch, watching Back to the Future 3, and for some reason I decided to listen to And the Glass Handed Kites, which was on his laptop (for the same reason, probably.) I started listening and I couldn’t believe that I was actually experiencing this. It was so beyond what I’d ever known. I’d fallen in love halfway into Chinaberry Tree. I can still recall which songs I’d heard during which scene. It was an amazing experience. I can’t believe I got to know them just a month after they released new music, and had to wait 4 years for more. That’s my luck, haha

        • Do you like No More Stories now?

          • Ilai replied
            8 years ago

            I love it so much. The whole discog is great, but the last two albums are my favorites.