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    Waiting for the show in a week I decided today that I would kill some time by doing a quick cover of Witness!

    Few mistakes here and there and the mixing is not that good either but I think it came out okay!

    Due to my poor singing skills (Seriously poor) I decided to record the vocals on the guitar instead!

    The drums are programmed!

    Hope you like it!

    • Wowww thats so cool, i even sang along . ((More like mumbling bcs i didnt know the lyrics)) but thats so cooool

      • Thanks!
        I just realised that I dont know the lyrics either but having heard it so many times you just figure something out that sounds right and go with it! I think I might get into trouble adjusting to the actual lyrics once they are official!

    • A group of us listened to this together after one of the gigs. It was fun!