• Justin Amundrud posted an update in the group Group logo of +-+- 8 years ago · updated 8 years ago

    Mew’s set at the Fader Fort will be live streamed tonight in 4K at 7:45PM!


    • C4344 replied
      8 years ago

      Was just about to post this! Guess I’ll be staying up tonight then.

    • Is it available abroad? I want to go to bed by then, but it will be tempting if so.

    • I dont know if the live streaming will be available today as it says on the site that the livestreaming is from the 18th to the 21st of march! I hope it is available though, would be cool with some late-night streamewing!

      • It’s available from 8pm local time tonight. Passion Pit and Muse will be shown.

        • Cool thing about Muse!……….. hehe

        • Where do you see the schedule?

          • “Dell is also kicking things off a little early tonight with a very special Tuesday private preview party at The FORT featuring a DJ set by Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff, plus live-streaming performances from Passion Pit and Mew. We will be streaming the action in 4k starting at 8PM CST. Tune in!”

        • Ilai replied
          8 years ago

          I love how dedicated you are to the Muse joke

    • If anyone could record this I would be really grateful. Can’t stay up for this unfortunately 🙁

    • 7:45 Austin time? So 00:45 UK time? 1:45 DK, 2:45 Finland?

      • The other thing above said streaming starts at 8…?

      • Finland is waiting if something is happening at 2:45-ish. This is good for me, because I never go to sleep before 4am or so.

        • Are you a vampire?

          • Enough so that in Winter months I pretty much never see the Sun (it sets around 1pm here). In the Summer it makes no difference because it is daytime 24hrs a day.

    • Niels replied
      8 years ago

      There’s a stream up on the website now. Commercials right now.

    • And we are live!