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    You know…I’ve been reading the pre-release interviews and even the reviews that are starting to appear, and can’t help but feeling a little disappointed that they’re (the band and press) retrofitting “No More Stories…” to fit the current narrative. The story now seems to be the album is seen as a bit of a black sheep, unfocused and messy, doesn’t seem to be particularly highly regarded by the band. I find this sad. Personally, I’d find it difficult to rate albums as they’re all so strong and bring something different to the table. For me, “No More Stories…” was a necessary step, clearly a difficult one but I’m not convinced it’s as unfocused as they’re selling it. I think it features some of my favourite songs (Beach, Repeater, Cartoons, Magic) too. I don’t know. What do others think?

    • Yeah, I have noticed this. When “No More Stories” was released, the band distanced themselves from the ‘Prog’ of ‘Glass-Handed Kites’ and said that NMS was more direct, and more the sound of a band actually playing in a room. I remember when No More Stories was released, I thought that it sounded like a big melting pot of ideas, things hashed out in the studio, and found it strange that Jonas and Bo were referring to it as a more live and ‘band’ sounding album. I guess even Mew’s own perspective of their music can change quite a lot, over time.

    • I think the band overstates the “cloud of ideas” perspective to further enhance the “directness” of +-. Also maybe to add a little bit to the saviour/long lost son title they have been giving Johan since he came back.

      • Yeah…just feels unnecessary. I don’t feel NMS is problematic at all, and certainly doesn’t warrant being thought of in a negative way. It’s a major achievement. Just seems odd

    • I listened to all the albums over the weekend in anticipation for the stream, and NMS is still my favourite (not including +-, dunno where that sits yet).

    • I always saw “No More Stories…” as a black sheep. Not an album I ever recommended for first time listners as it is so complex. I feel like you need to have knowledge of Mews previous work to really get the full picture of “Stoires…”

      Frengers and Kites were way more approachable and had many more mainstream “hits”. I don’t think I ever heard anyone hyhme pieces of IPP or Sometimes. But I’ve overheard a lot of Zookeepers and 156.

      Back in pre Kites days, I remember everybody wondering if Mew was gonna make a “Frengers 2”. Kites was nothing like it…. Now I feel like “+/-” is fitting of the alt. name: Frengers 2! Much more approachable.