• Dita Rachma posted an update 8 years, 6 months ago

    This song has stuck in my head for like weeks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE9OAjmGflI
    Please somebody help me with the lyric. Definitely need this song very soon @mew !! <3

    • Needs a native English speaker to decipher lyrics, usually. Somehow I get a B-side vibe out of this. Maybe it will not be on the album.

    • Oh. I completely forgot about this song. Remember standing in line to the Vega Live show 2013 on the day the teaser for Sensory spaces was released. First time I heard actual new stuff in a long while. Was quite disappointed we didn’t hear this song at the show i remember – allthough I thought “Making Friends” would be it when they opened the show 😛

      Seems to me like the new album had two “stages”. A year or two without Johan and then about a year with Johan. Wonder if they knew Johan would join them when they went on stage in Vega in 2013.

      • I don’t think they knew just then. I think it happened in July. Yes, two stages, because they already had 8 songs more or less visioned in Summer of 2012.

    • This is what I hear:

      The weather is better
      Oh we could ride there
      Cruising on our bikes
      ‘Till the sun comes out

      We gotta be smarter
      Oh look at you
      So careless on this road
      With your hands held free

      • I think Ann has nailed it. I couldn’t decipher the “cruising on our bikes” part on the initial listen but after reading Ann’s interpretation and then going back to the song I think she has it spot on.