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    The ending of Clinging To A Bad Dream sounds VERY familiar to me, the part that goes something like: “I think I thought maybe you could change me”. Did they maybe include this bit in one of the songs during the November gigs? Either I have heard this part in some form or the melody is very close to something else. Anyone?

    • Yeah they played it for a while as part of a medley with The Zookeeper’s Boy and The Seething Rain Weeps For You, which was also performed by the girls’ choir LYRIKA in a promotional video a couple of years ago.

    • It’s also the best Angelo Badalamenti score that Angelo Badalamenti didn’t write.

      • @admin, I love that it’s not only you and Ann that said that, but also my father! It really is insanely Badalamenti.
        P.S., does anyone else start singing The Zookeeper’s Boy instinctively after the lyrics to Clinging end? It just comes to me.