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    I have made a fast translation of the Gaffa article mentioning the title-puzzle.


    Tonight, Mew starts their club-tour where they will play a number of places that is smaller than the scenes they usually play on. We have caught front-man Jonas Bjerre for a couple of comments about what the audience can expect from the articles – and some more.

    It will be an intimate affair. An intimate tour at smaller venues than we usually play. The audience will be much closer than usual, so it will a quite different – and more sweaty – experience, haha! And we have turned down for the large effects. It will also be more raw in some way.

    “Will new songs be presented at the concerts?”

    Definitely! We will not play the entire new album, but there will be some new songs that we have not played live before. That I dare promise.

    “What can you say about the new material?”

    It is a very mixed bag with lots of different elements. We get really far around – and tried out some boundaries. It moves from the controlled to the blunt to the more dissolute.
    “How have it been to have Johan back onboard?”

    It is fantastic to have him back! Now that he is back can we really feel how much ha has been missing. Especially during the initial work with the album, there was a void in the song writing process. So much that our producer suggested that we called Johan and tried to write with him again. Luckily he was ready for that – and even rejoin the Mew-machine. He has a wild energy and is a powerful musician – and he is our good friend. And it is a huge pleasure to have him back in the band!
    “And then there is the thing with the new album. It has now been on the way for a while.Can you reveal anything about it?”

    Right now we have put some clues about the title, so we are just waiting for that one of our fans crack the code. And I am fairly sure that the album will be released in the beginning of next year – it is at least the plan. The last negotiations about distribution and that kind of thing still need to fall into place. But we are really looking forward to people hearing it, and we are hungry for going out and playing the new tracks live.