Past Shows – 1995-2014

The Early Years

We have no exact date for their first ever show in 1995:

“I don’t know how it happened exactly, but we got this gig at a club called Backfisch, that mostly had death metal bands playing. The club doesn’t exist anymore, but I think the sign is still hanging there, the word spelled out with illustrated skeleton of fish.

The support band was called Autobaby, and I don’t think they exist anymore. There was about 50 people in attendance, maybe less, one of them a guy called Jim Holm, who worked at a booking agency called Infrarouge (I think… something like that…) and he liked us and signed us on, and started booking shows for us at slightly more established clubs. Later on he became A&R at Exlibris, a Danish language only label, who in the mid-nineties suddenly decided to expand their field a bit. So that’s basically why they ended up releasing A Triumph For Man.

Anyway, I don’t remember much about the show, except being super nervous. We probably played a few of the songs that ended up on Triumph, probably Panda and Wherever and maybe Wheels and Web. But certainly also a bunch that were never released. And probably shouldn’t be, haha.

We had a flutist play with us at that show, a girl called Hannah Heilmann, who is now an artist, working with performance and visual art. We didn’t invite many of our friends, because we were nervous I guess, haha. That’s all I can remember, I think.”

Jonas Bjerre
March 11th, 2013

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Date Venue/Event Location Notes
?-Nov-1995 Spot 02 Festival Århus, Denmark
?-Dec-1995 Stengade 30 Copenhagen, Denmark



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
?-Jun-1996 Loppen Copenhagen, Denmark
19-Dec-1996 Vega / Klub Tidens Toneklang Copenhagen, Denmark w/ Love Bites, Luksus,
Port Friendly, Speaker Bite Me,
Nikolaj Nørlund



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
24-Apr-1997 1000FRYD / Klub Tidens Toneklang Aalborg, Denmark w/ Luksus, Sund Fornuft
21-Aug-1997 Rust Copenhagen, Denmark
03-Oct-1997 Studenterhuset Odense, Denmark



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
29-Jan-1998 Stengade 30 Copenhagen, Denmark
30-Jan-1998 Pitstop Kolding, Denmark
25-Jun-1998 Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
27-Jan-2000 Rytmeposten Odense, Denmark w/ Sigur Rós
10-Mar-2000 Brownies New York, NY, USA
2-Sep-2000 Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark
4-Sep-2000 Bispetorv Århus, Denmark
19-Oct-2000 KB Malmö, Sweden
26-Oct-2000 Kägelbanan Stockholm, Sweden
27-Oct-2000 Pusterviksbaren Göteborg, Sweden
7-Dec-2000 Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark
8-Dec-2000 Spot 07 Festival, Musikhuset Århus, Denmark



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
12-Feb-2001 Forum Copenhagen, Denmark w/ Robbie Williams
19-Apr-2001 Forbrændingen Albertslund, Denmark
20-Apr-2001 Odense Idrætshal Odense, Denmark
21-Apr-2001 KB Hallen Copenhagen, Denmark
28-Apr-2001 Scandinavian Congress Center Århus, Denmark
30-Jun-2001 Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark
06-Jul-2001 Midtfyns Festival Ringe, Denmark
10-Aug-2001 Skanderborg Festival Skanderborg, Denmark



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
08-May-2002 Store Vega Copenhagen, Denmark w/ Kent
09-May-2002 Store Vega Copenhagen, Denmark w/ Kent
15-May-2002 Pakkahuone Tampere, Finland w/ Kent
16-May-2002 Tavastia Helsinki, Finland w/ Kent
17-May-2002 Tavastia Helsinki, Finland w/ Kent
18-May-2002 Rewell Center Aula Vaasa, Finland w/ Kent
24-May-2002 Meieriet Sogndal, Norway w/ Kent
25-May-2002 Nattjazz, Kulturhuset Bergen, Norway w/ Kent
26-May-2002 Folken Stavanger, Norway w/ Kent
23-Jun-2002 Rockefeller Oslo, Norway w/ Kent
15-Aug-2002 Tower Records London, UK w/ The Electric Soft Parade,
James Yorkston and The Athlete,
Minuteman, Kid Galahad (free gig)
14-Sep-2002 QPC Aylesbury, UK w/ Martin Grech
19-Sep-2002 Chinnerys Southend, UK w/ Martin Grech
20-Sep-2002 The Garage London, UK w/ Martin Grech
24-Sep-2002 The Boat Race Cambridge, UK w/ Martin Grech
25-Sep-2002 Fez Club Reading, UK w/ Martin Grech
26-Sep-2002 Barfly Cardiff, UK w/ Martin Grech
28-Sep-2002 The Louisiana Bristol, UK w/ Martin Grech
29-Sep-2002 Little Civic Wolverhampton, UK w/ Martin Grech
02-Oct-2002 Roadhouse Manchester, UK w/ Martin Grech
03-Oct-2002 Army & Navy Chelmsford, UK w/ Martin Grech
04-Oct-2002 Soundhaus Northampton, UK w/ Martin Grech
08-Oct-2002 Stanley Theatre Liverpool, UK w/ Martin Grech
09-Oct-2002 The Charlotte Leicester, UK w/ Martin Grech
12-Oct-2002 The Coliseum Coventry, UK w/ Martin Grech
14-Oct-2002 Zodiac Oxford, UK w/ Martin Grech
19-Oct-2002 The Joiners Southampton, UK w/ Martin Grech
23-Oct-2002 The Sugarmill Stoke-on-Trent, UK w/ Martin Grech
25-Oct-2002 Barfly Sheffield, UK w/ Martin Grech
27-Oct-2002 Vanha Ylioppilastalo Helsinki, Finland w/ Manic Street Preachers
31-Oct-2002 Store Vega Copenhagen, Denmark w/ Manic Street Preachers
12-Dec-2002 Barfly Liverpool, UK
13-Dec-2002 Barfly Glasgow, UK
17-Dec-2002 Barfly London, UK



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
21-Jan-2003 Barfly Cardiff, UK w/ Martin Grech
23-Jan-2003 The Junction Cambridge, UK w/ Martin Grech
24-Jan-2003 The Cockpit Leeds, UK w/ Martin Grech
25-Jan-2003 The Leadmill Sheffield, UK w/ Martin Grech
27-Jan-2003 Academy Birmingham, UK w/ Martin Grech
28-Jan-2003 Stanley Theatre Liverpool, UK w/ Martin Grech
29-Jan-2003 King Tuts Glasgow, UK w/ Martin Grech
31-Jan-2003 Hop & Grape Manchester, UK w/ Martin Grech
01-Feb-2003 Bristol Uni, AR2 Bristol, UK w/ Martin Grech
02-Feb-2003 Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth, UK w/ Martin Grech
03-Feb-2003 Concorde 2 Brighton, UK w/ Martin Grech
05-Feb-2003 Arts Centre Norwich, UK w/ Martin Grech
06-Feb-2003 Arts Centre Colchester, UK w/ Martin Grech
07-Feb-2003 The Soundhaus Northampton, UK w/ Martin Grech
08-Feb-2003 Zodiac Oxford, UK w/ Martin Grech
10-Feb-2003 The Metro Club London, UK
18-Mar-2003 93 Feet East London, UK w/ OK Go
31-Mar-2003 Mercury Lounge New York, NY, USA
24-Apr-2003 Astro Hall Tokyo, Japan
06-May-2003 Voxhall Århus, Denmark
07-May-2003 Voxhall Århus, Denmark
08-May-2003 Voxhall Århus, Denmark
09-May-2003 Store Vega Copenhagen, Denmark
10-May-2003 Store Vega Copenhagen, Denmark
12-May-2003 Tavastia Helsinki, Finland
13-May-2003 John Dee Oslo, Norway
14-May-2003 Garage Bergen, Norway
15-May-2003 Meieriet Sogndal, Norway
16-May-2003 Blæst Trondheim, Norway
18-May-2003 Rock City Nottingham, UK w/ Cooper Temple Clause
21-May-2003 Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth, UK w/ Cooper Temple Clause
22-May-2003 The Waterfront Norwich, UK w/ Cooper Temple Clause
23-May-2003 Reading Uni Reading, UK w/ Cooper Temple Clause
07-Jun-2003 Rescue Rooms Nottingham, UK w/ OK Go
08-Jun-2003 The Leadmill Sheffield, UK w/ OK Go
09-Jun-2003 Academy Birmingham, UK w/ OK Go
10-Jun-2003 Hop & Grape Manchester, UK w/ OK Go
11-Jun-2003 King Tuts Glasgow, UK w/ OK Go
13-Jun-2003 ULU London, UK w/ OK Go
14-Jun-2003 Concorde 2 Brighton, UK w/ OK Go
15-Jun-2003 Fleece & Firkin Bristol, UK w/ OK Go
26-Jun-2003 93 Feet East London, UK Glastonbury warm up
27-Jun-2003 Glastonbury Festival Somerset, UK
28-Jun-2003 Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark
02-Jul-2003 Quart Festival Kristiansand, Norway
05-Jul-2003 Randers Festival Randers, Denmark
06-Jul-2003 Ruisrock Festival Turku, Finland
11-Jul-2003 Skibhøj / Grøn Koncert Esbjerg, Denmark
12-Jul-2003 Dyrskuepladsen / Grøn Koncert Odense, Denmark
13-Jul-2003 Vestereng / Grøn Koncert Århus, Denmark
17-Jul-2003 Markedspladsen / Grøn Koncert Blokhus, Denmark
18-Jul-2003 Trekanten / Grøn Koncert Børkop, Denmark
19-Jul-2003 Holsted Nord / Grøn Koncert Næstved, Denmark
20-Jul-2003 Valbyparken / Grøn Koncert Copenhagen, Denmark
02-Aug-2003 Summer Sonic Festival Tokyo, Japan
03-Aug-2003 Summer Sonic Festival Osaka, Japan
05-Aug-2003 Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Indonesia
08-Aug-2003 Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, Indonesia CANCELLED
10-Aug-2003 SoundrenAline Medan, Indonesia CANCELLED
10-Aug-2003 Skanderborg Festival Denmark
21-Aug-2003 Paredes de Coura Festival Portugal
22-Aug-2003 VibraCrunch Festival Malmö, Sweden
24-Aug-2003 Loppen Copenhagen, Denmark
27-Aug-2003 Falken Stavanger, Norway
28-Aug-2003 Hulen Bergen, Norway
29-Aug-2003 Studentersamfundet Trondheim, Norway
30-Aug-2003 Justivalen Oslo, Norway
02-Sep-2003 Debaser Stockholm, Sweden
04-Sep-2003 Århus Festuge Århus, Denmark
05-Sep-2003 Studenterhuset Aalborg, Denmark
20-Sep-2003 Botinique Festival Brussells, Belgium
21-Sep-2003 Prime Club Cologne, Germany
22-Sep-2003 Magnet Club Berlin, Germany
23-Sep-2003 Logo Hamburg, Germany
06-Oct-2003 Cirkus Stockholm, Sweden w/ The Cardigans
07-Oct-2003 Mejeriet Lund, Sweden w/ The Cardigans
08-Oct-2003 KB Malmö, Sweden w/ The Cardigans
10-Oct-2003 Folkets Park Huskvarna, Sweden w/ The Cardigans
14-Oct-2003 Trädgår’n Gothenburg, Sweden w/ The Cardigans
27-Oct-2003 Latada Coimbra, Portugal Student festival
18-Nov-2003 Club Quattro Tokyo, Japan
19-Nov-2003 Club Quattro Aichi, Japan
21-Nov-2003 Club Quattro Osaka, Japan
22-Nov-2003 Liquid Room Tokyo, Japan
23-Nov-2003 Astro Hall Tokyo, Japan
27-Nov-2003 Azkena / Wintercase San Miguel Vitoria, Spain w/ Spiritualized
28-Nov-2003 Aqualung / Wintercase San Miguel Madrid, Spain w/ Spiritualized
29-Nov-2003 Razzmatazz / Wintercase San Miguel Barcelona, Spain w/ Spiritualized
30-Nov-2003 Repvblicca / Wintercase San Miguel Valencia, Spain w/ Spiritualized
02-Dec-2003 ULU London, UK
07-Dec-2003 Tavastia Helsinki, Finland
09-Dec-2003 Rockefeller Oslo, Norway
10-Dec-2003 Aalborghallen Aalborg, Denmark
12-Dec-2003 Idraetshallen Odense, Denmark
13-Dec-2003 Scandinavian Congress Centre Århus, Denmark
14-Dec-2003 Store Vega Copenhagen, Denmark
27-Dec-2003 Bornholms Musikhus Rønne, Denmark



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
25-Jan-2004 Martinez Hotel / MIDEM Cannes, France Showcase Festival
16-Jul-2004 Los Angeles, California, USA



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
07-Jun-2005 Store VEGA Copenhagen, Denmark
17-Jun-2005 Provinssirock Seinäjoki, Finland
18-Jun-2005 Hultsfred Festival Hultsfred, Sweden
21-Jun-2005 Trädgår’n Gothenburg, Sweden w/ R.E.M
22-Jun-2005 Ullevaal Stadion Oslo, Norway w/ R.E.M
23-Jun-2005 Viking Stadion Stavanger, Norway w/ R.E.M
25-Jun-2005 Forum Horsens Stadion Horsens, Denmark w/ R.E.M
01-Jul-2005 Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark
25-Jul-2005 ICA London, UK
26-Jul-2005 Academy 3 Manchester, UK
27-Jul-2005 Rescue Rooms Nottingham, UK
28-Jul-2005 ABC Glasgow Glasgow, UK
11-Aug-2005 Skanderborg Festival Skanderborg, Denmark
13-Aug-2005 Summer Sonic Festival Tokyo, Japan
14-Aug-2005 Summer Sonic Festival Osaka, Japan
18-Sep-2005 Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth, UK
19-Sep-2005 Islington Academy London, UK
21-Sep-2005 Concorde II Brighton, UK
22-Sep-2005 Cockpit Leeds, UK
23-Sep-2005 Liquid Rooms Edinburgh, UK
24-Sep-2005 Carling Academy Liverpool, UK
26-Sep-2005 Academy 2 Birmingham, UK
05-Oct-2005 Rökeriet Bergen, Norway
06-Oct-2005 Folken Stavanger, Norway
07-Oct-2005 Rockefeller Oslo, Norway
08-Oct-2005 Mondo Stockholm, Sweden
10-Oct-2005 Nosturi Helsinki, Finland
11-Oct-2005 Tavastia Helsinki, Finland
13-Oct-2005 Sticky Fingers Gothenburg, Sweden
14-Oct-2005 Scandinavian Congress Center Aarhus, Denmark
15-Oct-2005 KB Hallen Copenhagen, Denmark
22-Oct-2005 Zodiac Oxford, UK
23-Oct-2005 Fleece Bristol, UK
24-Oct-2005 Academy Newcastle, UK
25-Oct-2005 53 Degrees Preston, UK
27-Oct-2005 93 Feet East London, UK
13-Nov-2005 Pyramids Portsmouth, UK w/ Elbow
14-Nov-2005 Academy Bristol, UK w/ Elbow
15-Nov-2005 Academy Birmingham, UK w/ Elbow
17-Nov-2005 Academy Glasgow, UK w/ Elbow
18-Nov-2005 Queens Hall Edinburgh, UK w/ Elbow
20-Nov-2005 University Newcastle, UK w/ Elbow
23-Nov-2005 Apollo Manchester, UK w/ Elbow
25-Nov-2005 Brixton Academy London, UK w/ Elbow
28-Nov-2005 Shibuya O-East Tokyo, Japan
29-Nov-2005 Kawasaki Club Citta Kanagawa, Japan
30-Nov-2005 Namba Hatch Osaka, Japan
01-Dec-2005 Club Quattro Nagoya, Japan
03-Dec-2005 Unit Tokyo, Japan



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
12-Jan-2006 Huize Maas/Eurosonic Festival Groningen, The Netherlands
31-Jan-2006 Elværket Holbæk, Denmark
01-Feb-2006 KB Hallen Copenhagen, Denmark
04-Feb-2006 Academy @ Anglia Uni Cambridge, UK
05-Feb-2006 Arts Centre Colchester, UK
06-Feb-2006 Arts Centre Norwich, UK
08-Feb-2006 Old Fire Station Bournemouth, UK
09-Feb-2006 Shepherds Bush Empire London, UK
10-Feb-2006 Academy 2 Manchester, UK
12-Feb-2006 Fez Club Reading, UK
14-Feb-2006 Rescue Rooms Nottingham, UK
15-Feb-2006 Sugarmill Stoke, UK
09-Mar-2006 Kongresscenter Odense, Denmark Jyske Bank
10-Mar-2006 Scandinavian Congress Center Aarhus, Denmark Jyske Bank
12-Mar-2006 Kulttuuritalo Helsinki, Finland
13-Mar-2006 Kulttuuritalo Helsinki, Finland
15-Mar-2006 Trädgår’n Gothenburg, Sweden
17-Mar-2006 Kongresscenter Herning, Denmark Jyske Bank
18-Mar-2006 Kongresscenter Aalborg, Denmark Jyske Bank
20-Mar-2006 Fryshuset/Arenan Stockholm, Sweden
21-Mar-2006 Rockefeller Oslo, Norway
22-Mar-2006 Rockefeller Oslo, Norway
23-Mar-2006 Studentersamfundet Trondheim, Norway
25-Mar-2006 KB Hallen Copenhagen, Denmark Jyske Bank
03-Apr-2006 Logo Hamburg, Germany
04-Apr-2006 Melkweg Amsterdam, The Netherlands
05-Apr-2006 Maria Amn Ufer Berlin, Germany Intro-magazine
06-Apr-2006 Gebäude 9 Cologne, Germany Intro-magazine
01-May-2006 Prime Club Cologne, Germany
02-May-2006 Atomic Café Munich, Germany
03-May-2006 Abart Music Club Zurich, Switzerland
04-May-2006 Alpheus Club Rome, Italy
05-May-2006 Rainbow Club Milan, Italy CANCELLED
06-May-2006 Stavanger Festival Stavanger, Norway
08-May-2006 Palác Akropolis Prague, Czech Republic
25-May-2006 Popaganda Festival Stockholm, Sweden FREE CONCERT
26-May-2006 Siesta! @ Markan Hässleholm, Sweden
27-May-2006 Immergut Festival Neustrelitz, Germany
02-Jun-2006 Beach Party Skive, Denmark
17-Jun-2006 Zulu Rocks/Parken Copenhagen, Denmark
18-Jun-2006 Norwegian Wood Festival Oslo, Norway
30-Jun-2006 Nibe Festival/Den Lille Fede Nibe, Denmark
01-Jul-2006 SLR-Open Air/Slagelse Stadium Slagelse, Denmark
08-Jul-2006 Ruisrock Festival Turku, Finland
21-Jul-2006 Vika Festival Mo i Rana, Norway
22-Jul-2006 Bukta Open Air Festival Tromso, Norway
26-Jul-2006 Hiro Ballroom New York, NY, USA
27-Jul-2006 The Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ, USA w/ Bloc Party
28-Jul-2006 Bank Pavilion Boston, MA, USA w/ Bloc Party
29-Jul-2006 McCarran Pool Brooklyn, NY, USA w/ Bloc Party
31-Jul-2006 Ogden Theatre Denver, CO, USA w/ Bloc Party
01-Aug-2006 The Grove Anaheim, CA, USA w/ Bloc Party
03-Aug-2006 Greek Theatre Los Angeles, CA, USA w/ Bloc Party
04-Aug-2006 Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA, USA w/ Bloc Party
05-Aug-2006 Street Scene San Diego, CA, USA w/ Bloc Party
07-Aug-2006 Troubadour Los Angeles, California, USA
11-Aug-2006 Skanderborg Festival Skanderborg, Denmark
12-Aug-2006 Friluftsscenen Ved Moelledammen Soenderborg, Denmark
17-Aug-2006 Pukkelpop Festival Hasselt-Kiewet, Belgium
18-Aug-2006 Lowlands Festival Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands
19-Aug-2006 V Festival Chelmsford, UK
20-Aug-2006 V Festival Staffordshire, UK
01-Sep-2006 Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen, Denmark Fredagsrock at Tivoli
17-Sep-2006 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA, USA w/ Kasabian
20-Sep-2006 Webster Hall New York, NY, USA w/ Kasabian
21-Sep-2006 Theatre of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA, USA w/ Kasabian
24-Sep-2006 Groq Shop Cleveland, OH, USA w/ Kasabian
25-Sep-2006 The Mod Club Theatre Toronto, ON, Canada w/ Kasabian
26-Sep-2006 La Tulipe Montreal, QC, Canada w/ Kasabian
27-Sep-2006 Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, ON, Canada w/ Kasabian
29-Sep-2006 St. Andrew’s Hall Detroit, MI, USA w/ Kasabian
30-Sep-2006 Bogart’s Front Room Cincinnati, OH, USA w/ Kasabian
02-Oct-2006 Metro Chicago, IL, USA w/ Kasabian
03-Oct-2006 The Bottleneck Lawrence, KS, USA w/ Kasabian
05-Oct-2006 Fine Line Music Cafe Minneapolis, MN, USA w/ Kasabian
07-Oct-2006 Gothic Theatre Denver, CO, USA w/ Kasabian
11-Oct-2006 The Henry Fonda Theater Hollywood, CA, USA w/ Kasabian
13-Oct-2006 The Independent San Francisco, CA, USA w/ Kasabian
15-Oct-2006 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, BC, Canada w/ Kasabian
16-Oct-2006 Neumos Seattle, WA, USA w/ Kasabian
17-Oct-2006 Berbati’s Pan Portland, OR, USA
19-Oct-2006 330 Ritch/Popscene-Session San Francisco, CA, USA
21-Oct-2006 El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, CA, USA
23-Oct-2006 Bluebird Theatre Denver, CO, USA
25-Oct-2006 Fine Line Music Cafe Minneapolis, MN, USA
26-Oct-2006 Double Door Chicago, IL, USA
28-Oct-2006 City Hall Nashville, TN, USA
30-Oct-2006 Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA, USA w/ Tilly and the Wall
01-Nov-2006 Fletcher’s Bar & Grill Baltimore, MD, USA
03-Nov-2006 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY, USA
10-Nov-2006 35mm Concert Hall Moscow, Russia



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
14-Mar-2007 SXSW Austin, TX, USA KEXP Show
15-Mar-2007 SXSW Austin, TX, USA BrooklynVegan Party
16-Mar-2007 SXSW Austin, TX, USA “Under the Radar” Party
17-Mar-2007 La Zona Rosa / SXSW Austin, TX, USA
20-Mar-2007 Black Cat Washington DC, USA
22-Mar-2007 Irving Plaza New York, NY, USA
23-Mar-2007 Paradise Boston, MA, USA
26-Mar-2007 Mod Club Toronto, ON, Canada
28-Mar-2007 Double Door Chicago, IL, USA
31-Mar-2007 Ogden Theatre Denver, CO, USA
02-Apr-2007 Neumos Seattle, WA, USA
03-Apr-2007 Richards on Richards Vancouver, BC, Canada
04-Apr-2007 Aladdin Theatre Portland, OR, USA
06-Apr-2007 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA, USA
07-Apr-2007 The Henry Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA, USA
07-Jul-2007 Quart Festival Kristiansand, Norway
17-Aug-2007 Beatday Festival Copenhagen, Denmark
18-Aug-2007 Nature Aid Sortland, Norway



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
24-Jun-2009 Studio 1 Copenhagen, Denmark Secret Showcase
25-Jun-2009 Lanxess Arena Cologne, Germany w/ Kings of Leon
26-Jun-2009 O2 World Berlin, Germany w/ Kings of Leon
27-Jun-2009 O2 World Berlin, Germany w/ Kings of Leon
29-Jun-2009 Philipshalle Düsseldorf, Germany w/ NIN
30-Jun-2009 Berlin Arena Treptow, Germany w/ NIN
02-Jul-2009 Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark
04-Jul-2009 Ruisrock Festival Turku, Finland
07-Jul-2009 Le Zénith Paris, France w/ NIN
08-Jul-2009 Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam, The Netherlands w/ NIN
09-Jul-2009 Rockhal Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxemborg w/ NIN
14-Jul-2009 Evening News Arena Manchester, UK w/ NIN, Jane’s Addiction
15-Jul-2009 O2 Arena London, UK w/ NIN, Jane’s Addiction
16-Jul-2009 ICA London, UK
17-Jul-2009 Latitude Festival Suffolk, UK
19-Jul-2009 Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago, IL, USA
31-Jul-2009 Storsjöyran Östersund, Sweden
05-Aug-2009 Nankang 101 Taipei, Taiwan
07-Aug-2009 Summer Sonic Festival Tokyo, Japan
08-Aug-2009 Summer Sonic Festival Osaka, Japan
09-Aug-2009 Java Rockin’ Land Jakarta, Indonesia
11-Aug-2009 Øyafestivalen Oslo, Norway
14-Aug-2009 Beatday Festival Copenhagen, Denmark
22-Aug-2009 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA, USA
24-Aug-2009 Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY, USA
26-Aug-2009 Terminal 5 New York, NY, USA w/ NIN
28-Aug-2009 Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL, USA w/ NIN
29-Aug-2009 Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL, USA w/ NIN
30-Aug-2009 Virgin Festival Toronto, ON, Canada
31-Aug-2009 Zune L.A. Los Angeles, CA, USA
01-Sep-2009 Troubadour Los Angeles, CA, USA
02-Sep-2009 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, CA, USA w/ NIN
03-Sep-2009 The Henry Fonda Theater Los Angeles, CA, USA w/ NIN
04-Sep-2009 The Independent San Francisco, CA, USA
07-Sep-2009 Detroit Bar Costa Mesa, CA, USA
10-Sep-2009 Vive Cuervo Salón Mexico City, Mexico
11-Sep-2009 Teatro Estudio Cavaret Guadalajara, Mexico
28-Oct-2009 Grünspan Hamburg, Germany
29-Oct-2009 Lido Berlin, Germany
30-Oct-2009 Gebäude 9 Cologne, Germany
31-Oct-2009 Rockhal Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
01-Nov-2009 Botanique Brussels, Belgium
03-Nov-2009 Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton, UK
04-Nov-2009 The Academy Dublin, Ireland
05-Nov-2009 ABC Glasgow Glasgow, UK
06-Nov-2009 Manchester Academy 2 Manchester, UK
07-Nov-2009 Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds, UK
09-Nov-2009 Anson Rooms Bristol, UK
10-Nov-2009 O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire London, UK
11-Nov-2009 Melkweg Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12-Nov-2009 La Maroquinerie Paris, France
19-Nov-2009 Ole Bull Scene Bergen, Norway
21-Nov-2009 Sentrum Scene Oslo, Norway
22-Nov-2009 Trädgår’n Gothenburg, Sweden
23-Nov-2009 Cirkus Stockholm, Sweden
25-Nov-2009 Old Ice Hall Helsinki, Finland
27-Nov-2009 Scandinavian Congress Center Aarhus, Denmark
28-Nov-2009 KB Hallen Copenhagen, Denmark
30-Nov-2009 Trocadero Philadelphia, PA, USA
01-Dec-2009 Constitution Hall Washington, DC, USA w/ The Pixies
02-Dec-2009 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA, USA
04-Dec-2009 Webster Hall New York, NY, USA
05-Dec-2009 Cabaret Du Musee Juste Pour Rire Montreal, QC, Canada
06-Dec-2009 Mod Club Toronto, ON, Canada
07-Dec-2009 Metro Chicago, IL, USA
10-Dec-2009 Neumos Seattle, WA, USA
11-Dec-2009 Venue Vancouver, BC, Canada
12-Dec-2009 Hawthorne Theatre Portland, OR, USA
13-Dec-2009 Mezzanine San Francisco, CA, USA
14-Dec-2009 The Henry Fonda Theater Los Angeles, CA, USA



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
12-Feb-2010 Studenter Samfundet Trondheim, Norway
13-Feb-2010 Sentrum Scene Oslo, Norway
16-Feb-2010 Kulttuuritalo Helsinki, Finland
17-Feb-2010 Pakkahuone Tampere, Finland
20-Feb-2010 Shibuya AX Tokyo, Japan
21-Feb-2010 Shibuya Duo Music Exchange Tokyo, Japan
22-Feb-2010 Club Quattro Nagoya, Japan
23-Feb-2010 Club Quattro Osaka, Japan
17-Apr-2010 Coachella Festival Indio, CA, USA CANCELLED
28-May-2010 Jelling Musikfestival Jelling, Denmark
29-May-2010 Siesta! Festival Hässleholm, Sweden
02-Jun-2010 Skive Festival Skive, Denmark
18-Jun-2010 Provinssirock Seinäjoki, Finland
19-Jun-2010 Northside Festival Aarhus, Denmark
02-Jul-2010 Nibe Festival Nibe, Denmark
03-Jul-2010 Peace & Love Festival Borlänge, Sweden
14-Jul-2010 Bukta Festival Tromsø, Norway
16-Jul-2010 Slottsfjell Festival Tønsberg, Norway
24-Jul-2010 Truck Festival Steventon, UK
07-Aug-2010 OFF Festival Katowice, Poland
08-Aug-2010 Skanderborg Festival Skanderborg, Denmark
03-Sep-2010 Rått og Råde Stavanger, Norway
04-Sep-2010 Albani Bryggeriet Odense, Denmark w/ Kashmir, Gunn
13-Nov-2010 AX-Korea Seoul, South Korea
15-Nov-2010 Namba Hatch Osaka, Japan w/ The Flaming Lips
17-Nov-2010 Zepp Tokyo Tokyo, Japan w/ The Flaming Lips
18-Nov-2010 Zepp Tokyo Tokyo, Japan w/ The Flaming Lips
28-Nov-2010 Operaen Copenhagen, Denmark first show 6pm
28-Nov-2010 Operaen Copenhagen, Denmark second show 9pm
29-Nov-2010 Musikhuset Aarhus, Denmark
11-Dec-2010 Soundburst Music Festival Pantai Kenjeran, Surabaya, Indonesia



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
04-Jul-2012 Bremen Teater Copenhagen, Denmark Secret Show
07-Jul-2012 Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark
18-Aug-2012 Pstereo Festival Trondheim, Norway
25-Aug-2012 Wonderfestiwall Bornholm, Denmark
22-Sep-2012 Stavanger Concert House Stavanger, Norway



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
12-Jun-2013 Store VEGA Copenhagen, Denmark
13-Jun-2013 Hultsfred Festival Stoxa, Sweden
14-Jun-2013 Provinssirock Seinäjoki, Finland
15-Jun-2013 Bergenfest Bergen, Norway
27-Jul-2013 Helsinki Olympic Stadium Helsinki, Finland w/ Muse
08-Aug-2013 Skanderborg Festival Skanderborg, Denmark
10-Aug-2013 Summer Sonic Festival Tokyo, Japan
11-Aug-2013 Summer Sonic Festival Osaka, Japan
26-Oct-2013 Arthur’s Day Festival Jakarta, Indonesia
31-Oct-2013 Urbanscapes Satellite Show #1 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
02-Nov-2013 Camp Symmetry Singapore
04-Nov-2013 Vine Centre Wan Chai Hong Kong
08-Nov-2013 Camden’s Roundhouse London, UK Ja Ja Ja Festival
29-Nov-2013 Zal Ozhidaniya St. Petersburg, Russia
01-Dec-2013 Izvestiya Hall Moscow, Russia



Date Venue/Event Location Notes
14-Feb-2014 Blåfrostfestivalen Rognan, Norway
14-Jun-2014 Northside Festival Aarhus, Denmark
01-Aug-2014 Vanguard Music Festival Copenhagen, Denmark
05-Nov-2014 Tavastia Helsinki, Finland
07-Nov-2014 Debaser Medis Stockholm, Sweden
08-Nov-2014 Pustervik Gothenburg, Sweden
09-Nov-2014 Vulkan Arena Oslo, Norway
10-Nov-2014 Ole Bull Scene Bergen, Norway
13-Nov-2014 Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark
14-Nov-2014 Train Aarhus, Denmark
15-Nov-2014 Fermaten Herning, Denmark
17-Nov-2014 Skråen i Nordkraft Aalborg, Denmark
18-Nov-2014 Posten Odense, Denmark